Author: TheWanderer


Zombieversary (Part 2)

Greetings everyone! Let’s keep going on with last week’s diorama. Last time you saw it I had finished the base layout, so the next thing to do was the asphalt for the road and...


Zombiversary (Part 1)

Greetings everyone! In today’s post I’ll be showing a surprise request for my friend Caflos from her girlfriend Débora as a present for their anniversary. Both of them are fans of post apocalyptic settings,...


HVT Joe Miller

Greetings everyone! As you all know, I’m fan of good sci fi stories. I’ve recently watched a tv show called The Expanse, currently available on Netflix, and I got hooked to its plot and...


Aleph in the Shell (Part 6): Saito

Greetings everyone! I’m finally back with a new post for my conversions for the manga/anime Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9 to use them in my Aleph army for Infinity, the wargame from Corvus...


Crazy Caflos & Jake

Greetings everyone! Keeping up with last week’s post, here’s another customization request from Caflos for his Ganger band for Punkapocalyptic, Badroll Games’ skirmish wargame. As you all know, Punkapocalyptic takes place on a post-apocalyptic...


Toughening the brute

Greetings everyone! Here’s a simple conversion for Punkcapocalyptic, Badroll Games’ skirmish wargame. This is one of my friend Caflos’ miniatures for his Ganger band, but he was not really pleased with how the original...


Harder, better, faster, stronger

Hi everyone on this jolly 2018! Christmas holidays are over, and like everyone we’re back into de routine… A routine full of news for this year! As you can all see, we’re having a...


Neoterra conversions

Hi everyone! I’ve recently started collecting miniatures from Neoterra, PanOceania’s sectorial army from Infinity the game. Amongst my miniatures there are some Neoterra Bolts, veteran assault troops. They can be armed with some weapons,...


Sweet anniversary intermission

Hi everyone! Yesterday this blog had his first birthday, so happy birthday to everyone of you followers! Who would have told me that me fiddling with miniatures would take us such a long year....

Fixing Aristeia! 0

Fixing Aristeia!

Hi everyone! I’ve taken advange of a good Black Friday deal, and I got the chance to get in my greedy evil hands a box of Corvus Belli’s new board game called ‘Aristeia!’ (just...

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