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Zombieversary (Part 2)

Greetings everyone! Let’s keep going on with last week’s diorama. Last time you saw it I had finished the base layout, so the next thing to do was the asphalt for the road and...


Zombiversary (Part 1)

Greetings everyone! In today’s post I’ll be showing a surprise request for my friend Caflos from her girlfriend Débora as a present for their anniversary. Both of them are fans of post apocalyptic settings,...


Band of the Hawk: Guts (Part 3)

Hi everyone! Today I bring you the last entry of Guts for my Berserk’s Band of the Hawk. First and foremost I’ve got to explain that I’m still not used to my new camera,...


CL4P-TP class Auxbot

Hi everyone! As you all know, one of my Infinity armies I play with is Acontecimento’s Shock Army, part of the PanOceanian hyperpower, based on a mobile, hard-hitting core of troopers, supported by remote...


Band of the Hawk: Guts (Part 2)

Hi everyone! Today I’m keeping up with modelling Guts (or Gatsu or Gatts, depending on the translation… I think I’m starting to overuse this sentence) for Berserk’s Band of the Hawk. Except for the...


Panobases for Neoterra

Hi everyone! I’ll bring you a flash post about how to do mass production of bases for miniatures of the same army. In this case it will be simple bases for my new Infinity...


Band of the Hawk: Guts (Part 1)

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for last week’s lack of updates. My previous mobile phone, a LG G4, decided to die on its own last week and ditch me. I had a back up of...

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