Monthly Archive: January 2017


Garuda of the Enders (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Here we are yet another week, tools in hand ready to convert a miniature in another one. As this conversion that I’m showing today took a lot of time, I’ll cut in...


Mystic Panther

Hi everyone! As you saw in the picture from two weeks ago, I’ve been working on something not related to miniatures and, as you might suspect, is related to the post I did for...


Aleph in the Shell (Part 2): Batou

Hi everyone! This week we’ll keep up with Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9 for Infinity from Corvus Belli. Everyone who has seen the anime agrees that the most warring member of the team,...


Deva Spitfire for Aleph

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to show you my first conversion done for Infinity, specifically for my Aleph army. As you all know, Aleph’s troops are based on cybernetic bodies controlled by ‘fragments’ (called...


Da Teeth Rippaz (Part 2): Wrogh Rottentusks

Hi everyone! Promised is due, so today we keep up with Da Teeth Rippaz for Bloodbowl. We’re going on with another Black Orc Blocker, in this case the oldest in the team but not...

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