Monthly Archive: August 2017


Band of the Hawk: Guts (Part 3)

Hi everyone! Today I bring you the last entry of Guts for my Berserk’s Band of the Hawk. First and foremost I’ve got to explain that I’m still not used to my new camera,...


Berserk: Skullknight

Hi everyone! Today I bring you a slight mod of a miniature I purchased recently. As you all know, I’m modelling my own Berserk’s Band of the Hawk miniatures, because so far I’ve not...


CL4P-TP class Auxbot

Hi everyone! As you all know, one of my Infinity armies I play with is Acontecimento’s Shock Army, part of the PanOceanian hyperpower, based on a mobile, hard-hitting core of troopers, supported by remote...

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