Monthly Archive: May 2018


Crazy Manel (Part 2)

Greetings everyone! Let’s keep up with Crazy Manel’s mini I shown you in my last post. As it was since last time, I started modelling belts arround his waist and chest, the base layer...


Crazy Manel (Part 1)

Greetings everyone! Let’s change subjects from my recent posts. Today I’ll be showing an original miniature that came from a joke with my pal Manel. Like me, Manel also plays Punkapocalyptic, but his band...


Female MK4 posthuman with HMG

Greetings everyone! Here’s another quick conversion I made for my Aleph army for Infinity the game that I did a while ago. In this case, this is another female MK4 Posthuman to accompany my...



Greetings everyone! Keeping up with last week’s theme, here’s another conversion for my friend Caflos for Infinity the game. As you already know, my friend wants his Japanese Secesionist Army (JSA) to look like...

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