Da Teeth Rippaz (Part 2): Wrogh Rottentusks

Hi everyone!

Promised is due, so today we keep up with Da Teeth Rippaz for Bloodbowl. We’re going on with another Black Orc Blocker, in this case the oldest in the team but not the weakest, Wrogh Rottentusks. This orc has survived all his matches due to his wits (or at least more wits than the average orc) and also to a amalgam of stolen armor pieces from other teams. Even like that, he’s usually target of his teammates’ pranks because he’s laking all his upper tusks, but he usually replies with a hard kick of his heavy armored boots.

I started by removing all his weapons, cutting the jaw in half and preppared his arms for a more ‘mocking’ pose, I also filed his boots so I could model heavier ones on top. The armor piece over his belly is made with an old orc shield without borders:

Too glad I’m working with plastic. Had it be metal, it would be a nightmare.

However, as I was starting to put greenstuf on it, the pose of the right arm was not to my liking, so I finally decided to leave it in a more natural pose. Here’s a picture comparing the original black orc with my halfway through miniature, and also his teammate:

Breakfast Club pose!

Once finished only remained what every orc player loves… Spikes, rivets and extra armor pieces!

I was already ripping teeth while you were crawling!

With this we have my second Black Orc Blocker finished. Soon I’ll start with the third, let’s see what pose I come up with, one that takes advantage of the old black orc model. I hope you like it as much as I do, working with orcs lets you be more careless with the finished model, and still look cool, less pressure.

‘Till next time!

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