Deva Spitfire for Aleph

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to show you my first conversion done for Infinity, specifically for my Aleph army. As you all know, Aleph’s troops are based on cybernetic bodies controlled by ‘fragments’ (called aspects) of Aleph AI. The most common trooper for Aleph is the Deva functionary, a AI aspect sleeved on a synthetic L-host body with superhuman capabilities. One of the weapon options available to this soldier is the Spitfire assault rifle, a medium range machine gun. Corvus Belli’s official miniature for this option, although impresive, was not to my liking:

Deva Functionary with Spitfire (AKA Baldy). Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

Furthermore, my Aleph army has a female centric theme, so I decided to create this option myself. To do so, I had an extra mini from the Aleph Posthumans box, so I used the Proxy MK1 as the base miniature:

Aleph’s Posthumans. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

My first challenge was converting her combi rifle she had with a spitfire rifle. But I was lucky enough that in my first tournament (where I ended last) I won a weapons pack, and amongst them was a spitfire from Aleph. Being the case, and seeing that both rifles shared the same base, with a regular saw I just cut what I didn’t need and joined them together. I used some putty to cover the joint. I glued the rifle to the miniature and also filed the word “Proxy” from her thigh (which I would later cover with some putty as well):

I would have done a cleaner cut with a Dremmel or such. Gifts accepted : )

The Deva was almost done, it even looked well besides another Deva:

Jazz hands!

However, there was a detail that I realized. All Deva functionaries use suspenders, so if I wanted to give her a true Deva look and avoid mistakes on the board, I had to make her some. Just by filing some wire to make them plain instead of round was enough:

I almost had it, it only lacked some clasps to model, and I did them with an inverted V shape. As it seems, I didn’t take a picture when last time I worked on it, so I just did (it is still unpainted, sorry):

Wops! The piece for next two weeks’ post has just slipped by at the background ; )

With that we have a Deva armed with a spitifre rifle and ready to go to the battlefield. I was tempted to model either a ponytail or a braid for her, but in the end I think short hair is the best looking for this Deva. I hope you like it, and I thank any comment you send me.

Next wee we’ll keep up with Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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  1. 16 May, 2017

    […] los restos del rifle combi de cuando convertí al Posthumano MK1 en Deva (tal como expliqué en esta entrada) simplemente añadiéndole algo de plasticard para el cargador, y la boquilla de otro rifle de un […]

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