Mystic Panther

Hi everyone!

As you saw in the picture from two weeks ago, I’ve been working on something not related to miniatures and, as you might suspect, is related to the post I did for Christmas:

Christmas Interlude

I already told you on that post that my sister was going to ask me a pendant for herself, and it was nothing but a pendant of a panther lying on a green calcite stone. Task was easy enough, however I needed to create an armature to hold together both the panther and the stone. I just used some green wire I had lying arround at home:

With that structure set, and using once more the Fimo clay I used on the Toothless pendant, I modelled the panther in a relaxed pose on the stone. My sister asked for the panther to be cartoon like, not too much realistic:

Modelling time: 2 hours.

The panther was ready to be put in the oven for the Fimo clay to harden. I was nervious however, as I had been reading articles about those kind of stones, and that they tend to burn easily, but luckily they all mentioned calcites being exposed to a bare flame, not just envirointmental heat.

After 15 tense mininutes in the oven (more like 25, this piece was the last thing my old oven heated before being changed) I pulled the panther out and I was relieved to see the stone unscathed. So, once it cooled down, I had painting to do:

Painting time: 2 hours (Yes, 2 hours for this piece. I had issues with the lights, so I painted them over)

I had just to finish the hook and the panther was ready to be worn over.

This post was really a short one, but I hope you all liked it. Next week I’ll show you a new conversion I’m doing for my Aleph army (figures as much). I will only give you a tip regarding the base miniature: Aleph’s new Garuda model! Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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  1. Nuria says:

    Todo un artesano y gran artista mi hermano!!! Y no es x que sea mi hermano.
    Grandes mini trabajos super currados!!!!

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