Garuda of the Enders (Part 1)

Hi everyone!

Here we are yet another week, tools in hand ready to convert a miniature in another one. As this conversion that I’m showing today took a lot of time, I’ll cut in half this post so it gets easier to read.

Last year, amongst September’s releases from Corvus Belli (which were actually realeased on October) there was a miniature that became a must for my collection once it came out. I talking about no other than the Garuda Tacbot armed with a Spitfire rifle:

Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

My mind was blown when I saw it, however a closer look made clear for me that there were details that I didn’t like, for instance its head had a really short neck which made it look like it was almost buried between its shoulders, or that really huge reactor on its back, which by the way had the looks of a washing machine drum, really off from Aleph’s stylished lines.

But, the more I looked at it, the more this robot started too appear to me as the Orbital Frames from a videogame called Zone of the Enders, published by Konami on 2001 (That long already? Man, seems like yesterday). On first inspection, it looked like Anubis, the final enemy in both the first and the second game. But once I got my hands on the miniature, I realized that the way the wings were layed out and its torso was more akin to Jehuty, the main character’s robot, piloted frist by Leo Stenbuck and later by Dingo Egret on the first and second games. Here’s a picture of Jehuty on the second game before getting (and later losing) it’s upgrades during the game:

Jehuty and his second pilot Dingo Egret. Image from Konami’s website.

Anyway, as the original Garuda was also an astonishing model, I decided to take some licenses for this conversion, amongst them removing the famous ‘cock-pit’ over the robot’s croch (Really Konami? Wasn’t there any other valid spot for this?) and also decided to leave the Spitfire rifle from the original to avoid problems if I use this in tournament.

Everthing was set, now I only had to start working on it. First and foremost, I had to remove that huge drum/reactor from its back, and also file down the shoulder section where the head is set, also leave a good surface on the back to glue the wings, as those where originaly intended to go on the reactor. My only tools were a hand saw, a diamond file and lots of patience:

I really need to get my hands on a power tool. Donations are wellcomed xD

The base was already set, now I needed to rise its head so I could model later a proper neck. As allways, I used my trustworthy steel wire:

Quite a gorgeous looking miniature from Corvus Belli. You can only marvel with such ammount of detail to it.

Once the glue dried up, I started modelling the neck and the spherical piece on the pectoral plate of Jehuty. I also removed its feet, because all Orbital Frames in the game have no feet, and I intended to finish them with a soft tip. I also filed the wings’ original mounting, and put them upside down on the model. An easy way to get them looking like Jehuty’s ones:

This picture was too bright to see it, but I also modelled the spinal plates on its back. Next pictures will not be as bright, promised.

Lastly, with some plasticard sheets I did Jehuty’s blade in its rested position, as it was the same arm holding the rifle:

Also on the background is my PC, where I listen to music while at work… Or just procrastinating while watching Critical Role xD

Well finish here this post, otherwise it would be too long to read. I’ll be adding more posts during next weeks with my progress on the Jehuty conversion project. If someone from Corvus Belli is reading this, I must take off my hat before such a gorgeous model. I only hope that the next Garuda model you design goes along these lines so I can convert it into Anubis, Jehuty’s rival from Zone of the Enders.

Next week will be the last of the Aleph in the Shell saga, because due to a shamless mistake I’ve lost the pictures for the conversion process for the rest of the team, so you’ll only see the final steps and the painted crew. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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