Aleph in the Shell (Parts 4, 5 and 6): Togusa, Bouma and Pazu

Hi everyone!

It’s time for more Ghost in the Shell for my Aleph army. Last week I told you that, unfortunately, I’ve lost all my pictures of the conversion for Togusa, Bouma and Pazu, and I only have the whole Section 9 picture before and after being painted, but I will explain first the conversion process for each one. First a family picture of them all:

From left to right: Pazu, Togusa, Bouma, Motoko Kusanagi, Daisuke Aramaki, Saito, Ishikawa and Batou.

For Pazu I’ve looked for a miniature who wore combat armor, a knife (Pazu is often depicted in Section 9 as beeing quite skilled with knife combat), and posing as ‘I don’t care about you’, so my only obvious choice was the Croc Man with Sniper Rifle. I only had to cut the barrel of the sniper rifle to make it look like an assault rifle, change his hairstyle, and also adding his trademark smoke (Pazu is allways smoking and never has breathing issues, good thing he is a cyborg I guess):

Croc Man with Multi Sniper Rifle from Panoceania. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

Togusa was the easy one, I only had to pick Thamirys the Aoidos miniature, as it had all I needed. Shoulder-lenght hairstyle? Sure. Old looking handgun? Right there in the hip holster. Clothed looking as a civilian? He even wears street shoes!

Thamirys the Aoidos. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

Finally, for Bouma (or Boma, or Borma, or however the guy who translates this wants it) I had to look for a miniature who also had combat armor, bulky, and it had to be bald. Although Ajax was the obvious choice, it was too huge for my liking, so I picked Drakios. I only had to shave his beard and hair with a file, and also model his cybernetic eyes just like Batou:

Drakios and Scylla along with their Devabots. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

All of this done, I had them ready for a family photo:

I couldn’t make this picture more messy even if I tried… I’ve improven my skills since then, however.

Two miniatures don’t belong to the Section 9, which are Stephen Rao (right from Pazu) and Teucer (right from Bouma) posing as Ishikawa and Saito respectively. Once I find suitable miniatures for them, I’ll use them. Those remotes there are the Tachikoma smart tanks (which I hope to have them converted soon). So the troops where ready, it was time for me to paint them. Here’s the result:

Wops… What a shameless mistake, there on the background is my next project I’m working in… ;P

Something I’ve been asked is if my bases are going to remain that way or if I’m intended to change them. I first was going to just aply a gray drybrush over the whole area to create a light highlight, but recently I had an idea that should make them look nicer. I’ll post pictures one I have them painted.

With this we will close for now the Aleph in the Shell saga. I hope you all liked the conversion process and I would like to ask something to my readers:

Which miniatures would you choose to represent Ishikawa and Saito?

Obviously, Saito would need to be a model with a sniper rifle. As for Ishikawa, ideally it should have a beard, although I have no issues modelling it. I hope you all liked it and I’ll be seeing you next week with more custom miniatures.

‘Till next time!

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