Symbio-bombs Akbar

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be showing a conversion that might raise controversy, as it deals with a delicate topic that is suicide bombers, and although I try to humor it out as much as possible, I’m aware this is a sensitive topic, so read it at your own discrection. Readers be warned!

This request comes from my friend to whom I already did a previous conversion for his Tohaa army, as you can see in this older post:

Tohaa Symbio-Firefighters

In this case, I was commisioned to convert another pair of SymbioBombs as if they were islamic terrorists with a burka, but their explosive belts had to be cartoon-like oversized, with dinamyte cartridges way to big and a huge analog clock in the middle. To do so, he lent me two SymbioBombs already painted, and he also asked me to not unpaint them so he could save painting time afterwards:

Those crazy devils come back to my workshop…

The first thing I did with them was to remove their arms, as those would get in the way to their tunics. Also I wanted to have them in funnier poses:

Seriously, why do these little buggers upset me so much? Is it because of their eyes?

Once the armature was ready, I modelled the whole tunic. As you can see, some of the pieces have a different hue of green, as I tried to test with the putty’s stickyness and dry time:

Not even tunics can hide those huge bellies.

With the tunic finished, I had to go on with the burka, however I realized as I was laying down some putty that a niqab would look better on them, as it would let them show their eyes bellow:

No veil can hide those devious eyes. Sure they’re up to no good…

And lastly, only their oversized dynamite filled belts remained:

Ready to wreak havok on the battlefield… Or steal your sandwich, you can never be sure with these little rascals.

I only had to clean up those miniatures a bit and hand them to their owner. My friend was really pleased with the results, and once he has them painted I’ll upload a picture of it. I had another picture where it can be seen the detail on the belt and its back latch, but it seems my skill to loose pictures is leveling up.

Next week won’t be an update, as it is holiday here in my city. See you in two weeks!

‘Till next time!

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