Road to Nanotional

Hi everyone!

Sorry for posting this entry this late at night. We’re in the middle of some repairs at home and I didn’t have time to just sit to work on this post.

This week I’m prepparing my miniatures for one of the most important Infinity tournments in Spain: Valencia’s Nanocional. I’ve signed in with my Acontecimento Shock Army, and I hope I place better this year than last year’s with generic Aleph. My intention was to upload pictures of my minis just painted, but due to work I’ve had delays on my painting schedules (and you also know I’m a slow painter). So, please stay tunned as I will update this post with all the pictures I can once I finish with the paint job.

‘Till next time!


In the end, this is all I had fully painted (I had to grab a few Aleph troops for the extra Regulars that are not in the starter box):

This is the way they looked on the battlefield. There were still some details to finish, but the overall was done except for the bases, which where half done.

The rest of the troops, mostly Fugazzi remotes and another Naga operative, were fielded without a paint job. I’m mostly pleased with how they ended, however I didn’t have time enough to finish them. Now that I have more time in my hands I will finish them to show you all.

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