III Nanotional in Valencia

DISCLAIMER! All pictures displayed on this post belong to Guillem Brocal. You can see them all at his Instagram

Hi everyone!

Last weekend I went to the III Nanotional in Valencia, the biggest Infinity event in the city, and this year also a Satellite tournament for the oficial Infinity Tournament System (ITS), which means a tournament with more points to score and a chance to qualify for the Interplanetary tournament, the biggest tournament and the one where each ITS season finishes/starts.

As I usually fare in these events, I only won one of the five games, and in every match I was sold by my own dice (except for one where I was defeated by my beer ingestion, but by that time I was not caring for the ranking anymore xD). Even so, I must say that I had a blast that weekend with all the matches, and I’d like to metion specially my match against Drackenn with his Morat army playing the Supplies mission, where he won using his last orders and getting just enough points to secure his win. If you’re reading this Drackenn, I await eagerly your 3000 points game that you intend on playing with Acontecimento. That’s insane!

This week, instead of uploading pictures about conversions, I’ll be uploading pictures of the tables at the event. All of them come thanks to my friend Guillem, a friend from the Nanopulsers club and a great artist himself. You can check all his photos in his Instagram,so I’ll be only uploading my favourite ones in here:

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