The Band of the Hawk: Griffith (Part 3)

Hi everyone!

Today I bring you my progress with Griffith’s miniature for the Band of the Hawk from Berserk.

Last time we visited this project I was starting to model the breastplate and got the armature for the cape, so with that in mind I finished the gauntlets, added the pauldrons, and also added some more detail to the cuirass:

Pay no mind to the ears, I just put them there to see how they looked. Those would be covered by the hair later on.

Once the greenstuff dried, I added the cape (my apologies for the quality of the pictures, these ones are pretty bad):

Saitama? Is that you?

I kept going on with the details on the saber, I added the Hawks symbol on top of the breastplate, the wing-shaped brooches of the cape and also the wig… I mean hair:

The knucklebow of the saber ended up a little too big for my liking, but in the end I just left it like that.

There only remained some details to finish, like the feet, the buckles of the belts and some details on the knee pads that I just totally missed. All in all let me introduce you… The finished mini at last!

What a great way to celebrate a job well done than with a good bottle of mead!

Just as a side note, the base was done with bits and pieces of the remainder of greenstuff I had along the full process.

I’m mostly proud of the final results, although there are some details I’d like to have improved, like the face or the sword (who knows if this is the start of a Griffith v2 to fix all of this). I hope you liked all the process as much as I did, because I enjoyed it. I had the chance to learn a lot about how to model a miniature from scratch, and although my first intention was to full y model it, on the last steps I realized some times is better to have some thin layer of plastic as a base for some pieces, like the knee plates or the sword’s guard.

Next week we’ll return to some Infinity conversions with another personal project for my Aleph army that I’m working in right now. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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