Female Aleph Posthumans: MK4

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Reciently, Corvus Belli has unveiled the next generation of Posthuman miniatures for the Aleph army. Posthumans are human beings that decided to leave behind their mortal bodies, and fuse their minds with the all powerfull Aleph artificial intelligence to become its agents. This allows them to ‘download’ their minds on synthetic bodies with upmost technology, and also to control more than one at the same time on the battlefield. Originally there were only these three types:

Aleph’s Proxies MK1, MK2 y MK3. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

However, witht he release of the Human Sphere N3 book, they added two new types of posthumans to the lot:

Proxies MK4 y MK5. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

As you can see, with the release of these troops they decided to change the gender of the posthuman troopers, adding diversity to the army, as Aleph is the army with most female presence in Infinity, but this made them lack coherence with previous models. As my Aleph army is mostly based on female troopers (I already have enough “machomen” armies) I decided to convert other miniatures to fulfill their roles as these MK.

I searched for a long time what miniature to choose as the base for my conversion, but in the end I chose the old Riot Grrl armed with a Spitfire rifle, as it had some of the looks of the former MK3:

Nomad Riot Grrl. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

For starts, I had to choose how the main armor would look like. Here you can see some examples of what I had in mind:

My MS Paint level is over 9000!

In the end, I went with the third one, so first I had to remove the Spitfire and model the armor plates:

Something tells me she is not too happy to lose an hand…

After doing this, I used a plastic tube I had lying arround to model the heavy rocket launcher. This time I used brown stuff to model it, as I needed sharper looking edges for this piece. It was the perfect time to see how this new putty looked like:

And once more I lost the scale of the rocket launcher mid modelling. It was a sad hybrid of the old and the new scale.

Just like that, I rememberd that the original MK4 also wears a submachine gun as his secondary weapon, so I had to improvise one with what remained of the combi rifle that I had lying arround when I converted the MK1 Posthuman into a Deva (as explained on this post), just by adding a thin plasticard sheet for the magazine, and also the nuzzle using another rifle that I had from an old weapon pack:

This is terrificly familiar to another weapon from a very dark millenium…

What remained was just to finish the hand holding the rocket launcher, and also finish some additional details to the miniature as a whole:

L-host activated, comencing scorched earth protocol

The MK4 with a heavy rocket launcher is ready to be deployed on the battlefield. It’s time to move on to the MK5 to have the pair ready, but first I had to choose another mini as its base… Or maybe I laready had it… We’ll see on furhter entries. Don’t mis them

‘Till next time!

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  1. 8 May, 2018

    […] Infinity hace un tiempo. En este caso es otra Posthumana MK4 para hacer compañía a la que hice en esta otra entrada hace ya algún tiempo. Una vez más, como miniatura base escogí otra Riot Grrl de la facción […]

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