Strikezone Wotan: Chronicles from the frontline

A new comercial for the new armored vehicle was being broadcasted in Parabellum, Maya’s military channel, when the image suddenly faded to black while a blue title with a white outline advertised the comming of a “Flash News” report. The image in the comlog switched swiftly to a newswoman that, as if previously warned about this situation, began to explain to her viewers about this sudden interruption:

[We’re interrupting the scheduled broadcast to bring you some breaking news transmited directly from the Wotan Blockade, in Paradiso’s space sector, where this channel has acquired vital news from sources which desire to remain annonimous, about what seems to be a security breach in a space shipyard belonging to the sedicious Nomad nation. Partial reports indicate that a small team of insidious Combined Army aliens could have used a secret smuggling route mantained by the Nomad nation to infiltrate frigate cargo vessels travelling through the Wotan Gate between the Paradiso and Panoceania’s planet Svalarheima. Nomad government representatives have denied the charges with unconvincing arguments, while the warfaring Empirestate of Yu Jing, inflated with their self-righteous fanatism, has dispatched military forces to the sector to conduct the investigation on their own terms. Our glorious nation Panoceania, has interceded before O-12 asking for support to mediate in this conflict between nations, avoiding long term disputes and to further reafirm human hegemony on Wotan’s Blockade. Meanwhile, other reports indicate that…]

Joao Do Santos wasn’t paying attention anymore to the news that were being broadcasted, while walking with firm strides through the powerfull Sygtir battle station, part of the defensive cluster that the hyperpower had deployed arround the Wotan Gate after the First Contact Wars in Paradiso. What the mass media was narrating only confirmed what he and his men felt with their battle-hardened instincts while the permanent crew of the station grew eager. That’s why they were already preppared and being mobilized meanwhile the rest of them were just babbling about while watching their comlogs.

He and his men were enjoing some permit time after a hard assignment on planet Paradiso. However, Joao and his men are not the kind to be easily scared. They come from Acontecimento, and they are the thoughest sons of bitches of the galaxy, having received an extremely harsh training on their home planet, and also resisting enemy attacks on this planet dubbed ‘the meat grinder’. Any regular soldier would have just shut down their comlogs while enjoying their permit, but Panoceania’s national signs were etched with fire on them. They knew they where the fist frontline, the Shock Army as the High Command liked to call them, and they would honour that name to the core.

With a sounding slam of their boots, everyone squared off at Admiral Johan Verdamnt’s office, sent from the capital planet of Neoterra to manage fleet operations on that sector. The admiral looked clearly confused by the presence of that regiment of Acontecimento regulars. Everyone had a strong military look, although their garments were not quite complying with the military code that Panoceania enforces. But screw the code! They valued eficiency over aesthetics.

-Joao Do Santos and his troopers ready for service, sir! Tell us our objectives and attack vectors, and my men and I will unleash hell over those fuckers.

Admiral Verdamnt recovered his composure, and after checking some facts on his personal comlog, projected the theater of operations on an holographic screen.

-I won’t lie to you gentlemen, situation is tense, and High Command has labeled many of the key operations with Infinity alert code level, so I don’t think I have to remind you how critical this whole affair is. You must be pin point accurate on your operations, and we cannot guarantee extraction in case of being captured.

Joao smirked before that statement. That officer surely hasn’t seen active service in many years. Who was he to tell him what was critical or not?

-This is just a jungle of another kind, sir. My men and I will do what we allways do. We will adapt, and we will hunt the enemy on their own lair. Acontecimento only has one speed. Death speed!

Johann noded with satisfaction. Those were not the most disciplined soldiers he had worked with, but he had a quick review of their service records at the start of the breafing, and he knew he had before him the badasses he needed. Damned be the souls of the poor devils who crossed their paths with the rifle sights of those men.

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, let me apologize for the wall of text at the begining, I just wanted to do a propper intro for a new section on this blog, taking advantage of the new global campaign called Strikezone Wotan, where Corvus Belli, the company which created Infinity the game, collaborates with the wargames news website Beasts of War. This global campaing is completely free, it is set in the Wotan Blockade conflict, and  the end results will affect the game’s lore, so I decided to hop in as I did last year with their Flamestrike campaign.

I’ve decided to join this event with my Acontecimento army, fighting for the Panoceania nation, instead of using Aleph like I did last year for Flamestrike’s campaing. This campaign starts on May 29th and lasts ’till July 24th, and is dividied in 3 phases while the conflict escalates and evolves with each player’s battle repport. I’ve set my goal on playing at least one match a week, and I will also try to upload reports as accurate as possible, and as usual on my blog, I will post them both on English and Spanish. If time is on my part (which usually isn’t as my regular life doesn’t allow it) I’ll try to do brief video reports for each operation. I hope yo all enjoy it and I’ll be eager to read your comments!

‘Till next time, commanders!

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