Female Aleph Posthumans: MK5

Hi everyone!

Following up my previous post about Aleph’s Posthumans, this time I bring you my Proxy MK5 with twin SMG conversion. Since I set the goal on recreating both the MK4 and MK5 on their female counterparts, I had crystal clear that the miniature I wanted for this proxy was going to be Uxia McNeill:

This is an old model, but the pose an dynamism is just awesome.

Also, I had the luck of getting my hands on one of them as a prize for the Nanocional, so I already had everything I needed to get to work. First thing I did was to file her boots (I said boots!), both arms, and also I had to saw away her head to put the Dasyu hacker head I already sawed off for the Motoko Kusanagi conversion:

I’m getting really used to sawing off heads…

Once I had it in place, I used a sharp blade to carve the usual Aleph hexagons on both arms, and modelled the armor on the arms to look like the same one used by the original male MK5, while I made up the torso and lower part:

What an extrange thing, just by switching sides of her braid she seems to be moving the other way arround.

Furthermore, just during my birthday my friends gave me a Posthumans 2G box, which are the same ones I’m just switching genders. Being the case, I had an easy way to get both SMGs for my conversion. With all of that, I could finish quickly this miniature just by modelling the armor on her legs, a smal backpack, a pistol in her holster, and some belts:

Oh, look at that… Another leak at the background of something I’m working on right now… How careless of me…

A fast conversion, way faster than expected, and quite flashy. A shame both SMGs are not in scale, but this is something that comes from the ‘manga aesthetics’ that Corvus Belli uses for their designs, burly men with burly weapons, and tiny women with toy weapons, but as I said this is something from the style used, so I’ll just suck it up.

I hope you like them, an as usual I expect your comments.

‘Till next time!

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