Strikezone Wotan: Operation Where’s Waldo

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Sorry for the delay on this update. I didn’t expect rendering and uploading a video to Youtube could take that much time, but I’m proud to present my first report for the Strikezone Wotan campaign. Enjoy it!


Captain Joao Do Santos was reading once again the mission briefing on his comlog while he and his troopers were being carried inside a small military transport corvete cammouflaged as a maintenance civilian vessel. He didn’t have to read it again, as the mission was already clear, but that helped him focus on the objectives. The Nomad Nation let the aliens from the Combined Army through their uncharted smuggling routes at the La Forja space shipyard. He knew that the official investigation was being carried out by Ariadna personnel, but PanOceania High Command were not trusting those from planet Dawn, but they were also uncapable of disobeying an O-12 directive.

It was time for Joao and his people, without bearing their PanOceania decals, to infiltrate the control deck of La Forja shipyard, and in a ruthless operation they were due to capture key personnel in charge of the compromised smuggling route used by the aliens. Joao was not too kin on using nanoadherent ammo for their guns, but they had to impress the higher ups, and Acontecimento’s Shock Army never back down once they’re set on an objective.

They understimated their enemies however. Troopers from Corregidor’s Nomad ship had intercepted and decoded their transmissions, and sent their own armed team as well, also using nanoadherent ammo as some sort of mockery, to try and hunt Joao and his troopers. That way they would expose this action against the O-12. They also activated passive jammers to cause malfunction to the long range targetting weapons. Joao smiled when he realized that. ‘They want us to get close and personal? That’s our motto’ he thought to himself.

With sirens howling all along the docking hangar, the Acontecimento warriors managed to break through to the control deck of the station, where the Corregidoreans where waiting for them:

“Gentlemen, it is time for us to do what we do best. Let’s show those animals who are the kings of the jungle”

Sending his commands to his troopers’ comlogs, the bagh mari unit were deployed swiftly at the left flank, while on his right flank the imposing armored guarda de assalto awaited in the shadows of one of the control offices. Using an EVO remote, Joao commanded the rest of the remote forces of his assault party in a defensive pattern, while making way for the bulleteer and pathfinder to have a clear approach vector. He would let his enemies to waste ammo on those remotes, so his veteran soldiers would hunt key personnel for interrogation. Also, with a look of disdain, he sent the machinist operative sent by High Command to hide inside another office. ‘With some luck, Perkins won’t have his head blown before the first minute of combat’ he thought to himself as the machinist went with audible curses to his appointed place. A series of explosions made him regain focus on the battlefield, as a Nomad wildcat trooper armed with a rocket launcher left two of the three fugazzi remotes as a charred pile of molten metal. Meanwhile, a Tsyklon remote got to the midfield and gunned down the last fugazzi.

“You’ve stepped in my arena, pendejos! Massacre quiere your heads!”

That intrussion in the Paonoceanian comms channel surprised Joao. He knew who that guy was. The psycho known as Señor Massacre, a well known warrior from illegal fighting grounds, and his pressence here was not a good sign. He was followed by some jaguars, Corregidor’s worst criminals. But this was not Joao’s first rodeo. Gaining back his confidence, he started shouting orders to his troops:

“Tiger-hunters! Move your asses and gain control of the middle ground! I’m sending you a bulleteer to stop those jaguars.”

The bagh maris understood their orders, and moving as one, the swiftly got in position, moving almost unhindered even with their bulky not-powered armor. The met with the jaguars along with Massacre between some cargo crates near the middle ground, and a gunfight ensued. They managed to glue down one of the jaguars, but in retalation they killed one of the bagh mari troopers.

“You’ve been careless, blue ones” a soft female voice came from the comms channel “Once your ship got through our security measures, we’ve already established a defensive position. I must admit that I did not expect you to get through the control deck, but this will be as far as you go. The O-12 won’t be pleased to see and hear all the footage our security system is sending right now.”
“Sending?” Joao mockingly replied “You’d better check your facts, baby face”

The comms channel went silent for a few instants, while Joao was sending orders to his warriors through another comlog provided by the High Command. The wildcat liutenant started cursing through the channel:

“Aleph agents on board! Set up all the firewalls available and shut all comunications with those dogs! And send the damn reinforcements already!”

The channel crackled and went silent again. Joao sighed with relief and crossed himself to God before keeping up with mission command. The wildcat unit of the Corregidoreans used the previous chaos to get into position, destroying the bulleteer remote as they marched forward to confront the Shock Army on the mid field, and exchanging shots with the bagh maris they managed to blow another one up with a well placed rocket. The tiger hunters retaliated however, and glued down the rocket laucher soldier with their nanoadherent weapons. Reinforcements appeared shortly, as a hellcat combat jumper dropped down and tried to attack the machinist in hide. The unseasoned fighter panicked, and in a lucky shot managed to wound the veteran Corregidor combat jumper. Cursing his luck, he used his stun gun to shoot the hellcat, as it was marked as a key objective. However, his luck just ran out as a bandit trooper glued both the machinist and his pathfinder remote using the same nanoadherent ammounition.

But that was exactly what Joao was expecting from the begining. The Nomad contingent overextended on their attack and forgot to take a defensive aproach. Aleph’s naga operative, who was in hide the whole battle while jamming Nomads’ comunications, used his landmines to blow up most of Massacre’s jaguars, and got Massacre himself looking for cover. But Aleph’s cyborg received severe damage in the exchange, so he activated his overdrive protocols to control a nearby comms network before self destructing.

“Now’s the time, big guy. Show them why they call you guarda de assalto!”

With a low hiss from the joints of his servos, the inmense powered armor soldier got out of the shadows and advanced swiftly, followed by his trustworthy auxbot. His servo-powered strides thundered through the battlefield as his spitfire rifle’s muzzle turned to hot white while shooting everyone. The jaguars were utterly destroyed, and both the wildcats and the bandits had to take cover against that unrelenting nightmare. The auxbot was glued down before it could help his master, but it was not needed at that time.

“You’re a dead man, huevon!” Massacre roared as he went en route to confront the guarda.
“Move aside or be slain!” replied the furious Acontecimento trooper while grenades and overheated shots flew between the two warriors. Massacres agility was overwhelming, but so it was the guarda’s holoimproved aim. Their combat went into a stale off as both warriors confronted.

However, that was Joao’s plan all along. Their liutenant, now known to everyone, was too far away from her deploying position, it was time for them to hunt her down and finish this mission.

“Now’s the time. Hunt the tiger!”

The bagh mari survivors recieved their orders, and coordinated as one they marched through the left flank to meet the wildcats. One of them died instantly as he got shot by a bandit trooper, but the next one managed to glue him down. Another female bagh mari got glued as well while marching forward. The only survivor muttered an Hindu prayer while loading his stun gun. Leaving his cover, he run through to meet the enemy liutenant and the rest of her unit. Time almost stopped, and Joao had to hold his breath as he saw through his comlog the bagh mari shooting the liutenant, as well as recieving many shots from his enemies. He saw the tiger hunter went down to the ground on his suicide charge… And then he rose back shouting in victory:

“We’ve got her, sir! The tiger’s been hunted! All Nomad personnel is retreating!”
“Ole suas bolas, caralho!” Joao shouted with joy “Gather all the objectives and our fallen people before extraction turns sour. We’ll send all key personnel to the Hexaedron to get them questioned. They’re lucky we’re not in charge of the interrogation. Load them up and move out!”

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