Panobases for Neoterra

Hi everyone!

I’ll bring you a flash post about how to do mass production of bases for miniatures of the same army. In this case it will be simple bases for my new Infinity army I’m starting: Neoterra’s Capitaline Army. Neoterra is PanOceanias home planet, the biggest and richest state in the whole Human Sphere. Neoterra’s Capitaline Army consists of only the most selected soldiers, armed with the best technology money can buy, their troops proud to the point of arrogance.

I’m allways trying to create themed bases for my armies, and being that I already have sci-fi looking ones for Aleph, and jungly/swampy looking for Acontecimento, I wanted to reflect Neoterra’s priced by having them stand on PanOceania’s logo under their feet. However, to avoid having to sculpt them one by one as I usually do, in this case I’ve prefered to do a simple one piece mold to speed up the job. Here’s the standar base I’ll be using for the mold:

All hail the Panobase!

Once the base is set, we will get it ready to be molded up. First we need to make sure that, once the mold is cast, it won’t stick on our base and ruin it. To do so, just cover the base with vaseline, talcum powder, or even olive oil. Once the base has been covered, we will mass a big blob of green stuff and we will cover the base up. You can also add a stick so once it dries up gets stuck on it to make it easier to use:

How do spaniards improve things? Adding a stick to it!

And, once it dries up, with the help of a sharp blade, we will carefully take off the mold from the base:

Darksider Panobase!

As you can see on my last picture, I had a slight issue while taking it off, as it seems that I didn’t apply enough oil over the base, so a bit of it got stuck on the base and just broke while de-molding. Lucky for us, nothing stops us from getting a little bit more of greenstuff to correct mistakes like that.

That’s it for today’s post. If you’re interested on this topic, I can do another Custom Tricks post about molding in detail (needless to say I will only talk about molding your own work, remember that molding comercial miniatures is forbidden).

‘Till next time!

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