Band of the Hawk: Guts (Part 2)

Hi everyone!

Today I’m keeping up with modelling Guts (or Gatsu or Gatts, depending on the translation… I think I’m starting to overuse this sentence) for Berserk’s Band of the Hawk. Except for the last picture, almost all of these ones have still been shot with my old mobile phone’s camera, so let me apologize for the lack of quality.

Last time you saw this miniature, I just finished modelling the head after some tries. After that, I started to model the lower half of the miniature by adding the basic volumes with little detail. Also I started modelling the upper half, with focus on the arms, as the chest would be later on be covered by the breastplate:

A coin for a war veteran…

While this part was drying up, I started modelling the sword in its base form:

And my phone did the worst auto focus in history…

I just mixed working on either the miniature and the sword, adding details like the leather piece over the crotch area, the guard and the pommel of the sword, and also adding more volume to his arms:

Green and strong… Hulk smash!

And last for this entry, I finished the sword and modelled the base shape for the breastplate, and also added a little bit more of volume on the trousers:

Picture from my new mobile phone! Now I need to tweak the settings for the camera.

I hope you all enjoyed this entry, see you all next week.

‘Till next time!

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