Review of the I Punkapocalyptic Championship at REQ2017

Hi everyone!

During last Sunday in Quart de Poblet, Valencia, we had the first Punkapocalyptic championship during the Rol en Quart 2017 days. I’ve been checking this game for a while from the Spanish company Badroll Games from the time I followed their main character designer Marco Paraja, and I finally decided to hop in. For any of you interested on this game, here’s the main website: Punkapocalyptic The Game

For those who doesn’t know, Punkapocalyptic is a skirmish wargame between different factions who fight to survive on the Wasteland, a barren and dangerous waste where most humanity tries to survive while the elite few live inside the utipian megalopolis. This start could recall movies like Mad Max or mangas like Gunnm. However, people at Badroll had the right idea to sprinkle this sinister setting with a very sharp sense of humor, and where bullets are used as coin, a valuable and hard to come by good. They’re so rare they even cost you points in your army list just to include bullets!

The existing factions up to today are these ones:

  • Gangers: The tough kids, the wanderers, the ones who give no shit if you live or die, as long as they can get something useful from you. They can be either cut throating thugs, wandering vigilantes who watch the Wasteland, or simply mercenaries for the highest bidder to hire. They’re usually troops with top stats and high costs, which tends to have them low in numbers. But they don’t give a damn about that, because you’re a pussy and do whatever they say. Period.
  • Junkers: Do you remember what they taught you in school about reusing as a way to reduce wastes? This was never more accurate with the junkers, capable of building anything from scraps. But beware not to trust what the junker trader at the corner sold you, it will probably burst into flames without a warning. Junkers are troops with low to mid range stats, but with access to devices that no one has, although those tend to break while on the battlefield. But who dares to tell what to do to a man covered in exposed electric wires?
  • Mutards: A faction defined by the words “Mutant” and “Bastard” is not a good omen. Those poor irradiated devils are the pariahs of the wastelands, an ill sight on any settlement and even worse on a ball, more if an addler melts half his face inside the punch bowl. Mutards are chaos and randomness embodied, having the option to add mutations to any troop to change its role and gameplay, furthermore they are the only ones with access to psychic powers. Great for scoring with that hot chick without she realizing you’re literally a drooling pile of goo!
  • Children of the Black Blood: Inhabitants of the only known working refinery, these zealots serve their god Tex’co as the allmighty provider of the black oil from the earth, which they store with zeal and are not willing to trade with anyone. This faction is the only one with access to motorbikes, flamethrowers, chainsaws and anything gas powered, and they are the most Mad Maxy from the whole lot. They even have troopers whose only objective is to carry a barrel of gas to blow themselves against their enemies. Witness him!
  • V Reich: The germ of fascism is hard to erase even in a post apocalyptic world. These suposedly survivors from fascists trends from the end of the XX century saw their chance to regain followers in the chaos after the breakdown of society. However, they seem to be not versed enough in history, as they were unable to remember how may Reichs where before them, son the chose the 5th just to be sure that it was not used, why not? This faction is currently on beta testing, and although they have intersting rules like walky-talkies to issue orders amongst them, we don’t know how will they end up.

The championship was arranged by Rafa Roca, the Powermonger (the one who’s in charge, so to speak) in Valencia. From the beggining I must say that management was over the top, it even was the first championship he was in charge of! A total of 13 players arranged in 7 tables forced our Powermonger to wield his “rod of ass kicking” and play with the one without partner on each round just to show them who’s boss on the wastelands. However, he humbly exiled himself from the ranking not to steal any prize. You can see how it was being managed on these three posts from his blog “El Friki de Puentechatarra”:

I Torneo Punkapocalyptic en las REQ 2017

Curiosidades de las listas del torneo

Resumen del torneo

I went there with my band of junkers with the curious name of “The conductors of the Poop Train!” (those who’ve played the Borderlands videogame saga will catch the reference) and I ended having bizarre situations like a sniper without bullets and another guy with a pump rifle fully loaded chasing Benny Hill style a better armed ganger. Or in another game my sniper was surprised from a mutard charge… at 60cm from her! As I said, it was all fun and laughs everywhere thanks to this game’s randomness.

The games went by swiftly, and having a ruleset of little more than 20 pages makes clearing any doubt on the go swift, thus making the game dynamic and with flow. All the players were in a really good mood, and the whole event went by without me even noticing it was finished, I just wanted to play more games. You know Rafa, next time we want more! Not a coitus interruptus, let the mongos finish!

To finish this entry, I’ll be posting some photos that both Rafa and my friend and gaming pal Drungdrakki have kindly lent me for this article. Sadly, not everyone had Punkapocalyptic miniatures for this championship (including me, I had to use Infinity miniatures), but all in all these tables are worth looking at.

See ya next time!


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  1. Rafa says:

    Gran reseña!! muchas gracias por participar y divertiros!!

    Espero en breves organizar más actividades!!

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