CL4P-TP class Auxbot

Hi everyone!

As you all know, one of my Infinity armies I play with is Acontecimento’s Shock Army, part of the PanOceanian hyperpower, based on a mobile, hard-hitting core of troopers, supported by remote worker robots. One of these robots who teams up with many of my troopers is known as Auxbot, a small one-wheeled robot, usually armed with short range weapons, extremely lightly armored, and with pretty mediocre stats which makes it last short on the battlefield:

Guardas de Assalto being followed by an Auxbot. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

That description however got me thinking… What other unicicled robot did I know with those same attributes? Then I realized, the Auxbot’s description matched perfectly with a charming little robot from the videogame saga Borderlands… The CL4P-TP, also know by everybody as Claptrap!

Greetings, vault hunter! Image from Borderlands’ official wiki.

And being that Claptrap doesn’t know how to shut its mouth, let’s leave this frien… bother in charge of the comments for all the pictures today. Don’t let him hear you call him friend or he will be full of himself for weeks!

Seeing that this conversion was mainly build by straight lines, I decided to make it from plasticard sheets. Claptrap’s base form is an upside down pyramid with its tip cut, where the wheel would sit. The arms and antenas were made from steel wires of varying sizes, and the support for the wheel would be made with some plastic sticks (which are not shown on this picture but I can assure you they’re there):

“I can see… the code”

I modelled the main features of the wheel before fixing it up on the main frame, and with another plastic stic I had I drilled a hole in the middle to model Claptrap’s optics:

“Hey, check me out everybody! I’m dancin’, I’m dancin’!”

Before finishing the right hand, I had to put there a weapon. As this particular Claptrap will be assigned to my future Guarda de Assalto conversion (more on it on a later post) I decided it had to wield a light shotgun… And boy, was I shocked that there is no reference for this weapon in the entire PanOceania catalog (I’ve been corrected by Silagast on the Infinity forums. There are light shotguns, but only the old model before the redesign)! There’s boarding shotguns, heavy shotguns, and even light shotguns mounted on combi rifles, but no light shotgun ever existed on its own. Being so, I grabbed a spare PanOceania multi rifle, and based on existing designs on other light shotguns, I built my own shotgun by removing the scope from the rifle, and filling the muzzle to give it a fluted design like other shotguns in PanOceania:

“Is it any good? ‘Cause it looks awesome!”

Now with my shotgun finished, I only had to glue it down, and also model minor details:

“¡Viva la Robolution!”

And that’s it for today’s entry. I hope you all enjoyed it, and you know that from now on, if you play against me you might face against this dangerous Clappy fella, as long as it is not on an official match. Sadly, Corvus Belli’s official regulations for their matches state that no miniature is allowed if it is not made of a high percentage of their own miniatures. For this, however, Claptrap has something to say:

“Listen up, you fools at Corvus Belli! Your pitty rules and regulations won’t avoid me going to official matches! I will just get to your offices and… Stairs! Damn you all, my only weakness! The robolusion is over…”

‘Till next time!

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