Aleph in the Shell (Part 1): Motoko Kusanagi

Hi everyone!

First and foremost… It’s Tuesday 13th! Here in Spain it is considered a bad luck day, so readers beware! (or, if you are the ones to take superstition upside down, go on and take the day!). Today I’ll be showing the start of a project that I’ve allways wanted, and thanks to Corvus Belli’s Infinity game I will finally make it come true… Getting my own Section 9 army from Ghost in the Shell manga/anime! With my Aleph army, it’s easy to create a theme army list with troops quite similar to the ones in the show.

For those who do not know it, Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk manga/anime where the main characters are members of Section 9, a black ops and counter intelligence division of Japan’s government where almost every operative (bar some exceptions) have been cybernetically augmented. This manga/anime has many seasons, mostly unrelated between them.

To do this conversion, I will be basing the looks of my troopers on those of the show during seasons Stand Alone Complex, Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG, and also some details from the videogame Ghost in the Shell First Assault. On this first part I will focus on the operations cheaf of Section 9, Major Motoko Kusanagi, a very dangerous soldier with a full cybernetic body, and also the best hacker of the team. Here’s an example of her looks:

Motoko Kusanagi as depicted in the game Ghost in the Shell First Assault. Image from the wiki of this game

In order to represent either her cold-blooded killer side and also her prowess as a hacker, I’ve chosen as the base miniature a Hacker Dasyu from Aleph’s faction of Infinity:

Image from Corvus Belli’s online store

For this mini I had to sculpt a new head, as Motoko never uses a helmet in the manga/anime (what a shame, I really like the original helmet from the model), so with a broken heart, I chose to behead the Dasyu. Once removed, I started working on the new head using a thick wire as the base of the head, adding a first layer of green stuff to lay the basic shape of the head:

Please bear in mind that this is my first atempt at modeling a full head for a miniature, and mistakes are quite obvious, but on the whole is not a bad first try. After the first layer of green stuff has dried up, I added another layer of putty to sculpt the hair, eyes, and some other minor details:

Hard features for a hard woman. Motoko is relentless on the battlefield.

Finally, once the whole part dried up, I glued the head to the rest of the body, and filled the joints with some putty:

I even modelled the cable ports at the back of her neck!

With that, we have a miniature ready to be primed and painted. In future posts we’ll see how do I convert some other miniatures to become the rest of the members from Section 9. Next one up is… Batou! Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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  1. 6 June, 2017

    […] Además, tuve la suerte de poder conseguir una como premio del Nanocional, así que ya tenía todo lo necesario para ponerme a trabajar en ella. Lo primero que hice fue modificar las botas, los brazos, y serrar la cabeza para ponerle la cabeza de la Dasyu hacker que ya corté en su día para la conversión de Motoko Kusanagi: […]

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