Berserk: Skullknight

Hi everyone!

Today I bring you a slight mod of a miniature I purchased recently. As you all know, I’m modelling my own Berserk’s Band of the Hawk miniatures, because so far I’ve not seen any who look as I want them to from that story arch. However, I’ve recently stubled uppon Klukva Miniatures ‘ website, a Russian studio who have done some really impresive models, and amongst them some from Berserk. The one based on Guts comes from the Black Swordsman story arch, so it does not fit with my theme. However, there was another miniature which was jut perfect for that time period, the Skull Knight.

A brief history lesson. The Skull Knight has been known by many names during a millenia, and he’s been fighting all that time a lone war against the God Hand and their nightmarish beasts. He wars Guts at the end of the Golden Age about what’s going to come, and after the dreadfull eclipse which marks the end of the story arch, he manages to save both Guts and Casca from a fated death. The original miniature is made of resin, with a simple resin base and options for two swords, as his Sword of Actuations can change its form as the Skull Knight’s wishes to:

Skeleton warrior

The Skull Knight. Image from Klukva’s online store

The issue I had with that miniature was… That I wanted being able to switch between both swords! So I had it magnetized to be able to carry whichever I wanted to:

No matters if he has to hunt apostles of the God Hand, the Skull Knight can allways choose which weapon to wield.

And just so you can check the size of the miniature, here’s a little scene fighting against my Griffith:

“I won’t allow the Eclipse to be repeated again. Your ambition ends now, angel of darkness”

However, I realized the base was too simple and unworthy of such a mighty warrior, so I made a quick Eclipse based one:

“The Brand of sacrifice attracts creatures of darkness, bound to consume your body to the last drop of blood.”

And thus, I included another unexpected ‘member’ for the Band of the Hawk… Or maybe the messenger of their demise. Spoilers!

‘Till next time!

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