Band of the Hawk: Guts (Part 3)

Hi everyone!

Today I bring you the last entry of Guts for my Berserk’s Band of the Hawk. First and foremost I’ve got to explain that I’m still not used to my new camera, and some of the photos I took don’t look as nice as they should. Also, I’ve seem to have misplaced some of the pictures of me modelling it, so it will be a huge gap between what you saw on the last post and this one.

Picking it up from where we last saw, I modelled the shoulder pads, some details on the waist belt, and also started puting the leg plates:

Spoilers: As if losing one hand in the manga was not shitty enough, here he’s lost both.

After that, I glued the sword to the wires on the arms, modelled the arms and the gauntlet on his left arm, added the belt crossing his chest, and finally modelled the cape. Unfortunatelly, I lost the pictures of the proces, so here’s the final version with the base already modelled:

Once more, I’m not particularly proud of how the cape ended up. A topic to improve for sure.

With that, Guts’ miniature has been completed. My next entries will not be dedicated to the Band of the Hawk, as I feel I need a break from it before comming back, but I’ve been working on another thing that I guess you will like a lot. Do you want to know what is it? Then be tunned for next week’s post!

‘Till next time!

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