Doctor Emérito Marrón’s Clockworkers: Sniper gear

Hi everyone!

Today I’m showing you a new batch of conversions for my band for Punkapocalyptic the game. As I told you in a previous entry, I’ve recently started playing this fun and fast wargame from Bad Roll Games. I chose the Junkers as my main faction, which are the ones who scavange for technology from where society still existed, and try to fix it to trade with it (or just use the coolest and weirdest gadgets).

This band started having a quite pleasing aesthetics in my opinion, with cloacks or long coats, bulky backpacks, and an all arround Wasteland survivor look. However, once the faction was redesigned, Bad Roll Games decided to go with a more steampunk-eske look, which is not the one I like most for a post apocalyptic game. So I’ve decided to convert every miniature to my liking. The oldest models will suffer less conversion as the newer ones.

On this post I’ll show you how to make some simple upgrades to a Gear goon armed with a rifle, to turn it into a sharp shooter. Here’s the original miniature:

Geark with rifle. Image from Frikland’s online store.

This model has a simple pose, but it shows everything I like for the junkers, although maybe it is a tad symmetrical for my liking. First I did was to add a sniper sight made from a beer bottle he found at the Wastelands… Which still had beer in it! (disgustingly warm, but beer non the less), and a backpack laying at his side, where he stores everything he picks among the rubble:

“Where did I put my whiskey hip flask?”

As the mini was still too symmetrical for me, I added a little hip flask tied to his arm, comming from another miniature from the same band, and I intended to put him a gas mask over his face, but there’s already two miniatures with gas masks, so I prefered to model the mask beside the backpack:

“Damn it! I found the flask, and now my rifle bends! I’ll have to lead my shots”

And that’s all for today, a simple conversion for a miniature I already liked. Next week I’ll show you more conversions for my Clockworkers.

‘Till next time!

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