Doctor Emérito Marron’s Clockworkers: Gear with blunderbuss

Hi everyone!

I’m keeping up with last week’s entry with another miniature for my junkers band for Punkapocalyptic, the game from Bad Roll Games. This time it is another gear, but the weapon set up she’s carrying is not what I want for my team comp, so she will have to scavenge through the junk to find some suitable gear. Let’s roll!

This is the original mini I want to convert:

Gear with light mace. Image from Bad Roll Games’ online store.

The general look of this miniature was perfect for me, so I will just do some slight mods to have her with the weaponry I want her to carry arround, which will be a blunderbuss and a medium sized blade weapon. This conversion was quite fast compared to the rest of them, as I just had to remove both tips of the crowbar, and then using greenstuff, plasticard sheets, thin steel wire and a plastic stick from one of the many sprues I have in my bits box:

Give me a reason to use my blunderbuss, baby. Make my day.

For the blade weapon, I just ‘borrowed’ the axe from another partner of the gang, who’s in for a better treat. The axe looked to new anyway, so I did some battle damage on it for the tear and misuse, and I modelled a belt in greenstuff:

That axe has stopped more blows it should have, but she’s a junker and will manage to fix it again.

And finally I just modelled a simple bedroll over her oversized backpack:

For those lonely nights looting through the Wastelands

Little tip, the base has been adorned with an old Auspex I had laying arround, and a plastic sprue bar shaped as a steel beam. This is a fast and easy conversion but spices up this miniature. I hope you like it, and see you next week for more punkapocalyptic junkers!

’till next time!

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