Doctor Emérito Marrón’s Clockworkers: Piston with ballistic fist and medium blade

Hi everyone!

Let’s keep going with my Clockworker saga for Punkapocalyptic the Game, and I suspect that you already have guessed who’s that Doctor Emérito Marrón whose name is frontlining my band, but meanwhile I’ll keep posting entries about the rest of his crew. Today I’ll be converting a Piston armed with a medium blade and a ballistic fist. The original miniature is this one:

Piston with ballistic fist. Image from Bad Roll Games’ online store.

This miniature is, in my humble opinion, one of the least appealing ones from the Punka catalogue, both from its pose and its looks (Sorry for those at Bad Roll Games reading this, but this is a really un-inspired miniature), also its steampunk looks just turns me away from it. Being so, I made my mind on converting it to be more in line with what I had in mind.

First thing I did was to glue the optional arm with the ballistic fist so I could give the axe to the miniature you all saw a few weeks ago. After that, I removed his gun as it was not one of the weapons this miniature would be wielding, and I also removed that horrible hat it had stuck on his skull, which being honest, was not suitable at all. Lastly, just to smooth that victorian look his moustache had, I modelled him a suitable long beard and also had his hair a bit longer to show underneath the helmet I would model next:

His baldness revealed!

After that, I modelled him a wielding mask, as it was more suitable for his status as ‘low qualified worker’ according to the description given for the Pistons in the Junker guide. I also modelled his medium blade with some plasticard sheets looking like some makeshift sword made from slabs of remaining scraps of steel just bolted in. Also the legs looked a bit too simple, so I just modelled some protection pads for the knee and thights, just to round the overall:

Wops… Doctor Emerito Marron almost photobombed in and  spoiled our surprise…

I had my miniature ready, however there was something I didn’t like that much, and it was the sword. I wanted to give hime something more rough and bigger, and also that sword fitted perfectly with another miniature I was already converting, so I swapped it for… A shovel!

This will be known as the ‘Friend burying shovel’

The shovel has been made with a metal wire over which I modelled the shaft shape, and a plasticard sheet for the shovel itself. To fix the shovel to the hand I had to drill it… With a Dremel! Yeah people, I’ve finally gotten my hands on that shiny object of cutting and drilling. I hope to have the chance of doing more things with it in the near future.

And that’s all for this week’s conversion. My clues about Doctor Emérito Marrón’s true identity are comming in small doses, but you’ll have to wait a bit more to get to know who’s the chosen one. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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