Doctor Emerito Marrón’s Clockworkers: Crara Loft (Gear with blunderbuss and medium blade)

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is a cameo filled one, from the original concept for the conversion to her equipment, with which I had so much fun converting. As you all know, my Junker band are the ones who roam amongst the ruins of civilization to retrieve artifacts they can rebuild and re-use or sell. And who’d be better at finding artifacts than Lara Croft? So with that in mind, I started converting the following Gear miniature:

Gear with blunderbuss and medium blade. Image from Bad Roll Games’ online store.

However, it seems that this girl had a severe case of dislexia, so she named herself Crara Loft. As you can see, this is another miniature with a heavy steampunk feel to it, but I really liked a lot her cocky and confident pose. The first thing I modelled was a backpack (How else was she going to carry her spoils?) and I changed her ‘too-clean-looking’ sword with the one I built for the Piston for last week’s post:

“Baaaackpack, Baaaaackpack” Crara believing she was posing as an old time mighty explorer.

Once I finished modelling the backpack I had some remaining greenstuff, and as I was clueless as what to do with it, I just did Majora’s Mask from the Zelda videogame, which was the first thing that popped in my mind:

I’m sure Majora’s spirit whispered me to model this.

This gave me an idea for this miniature. As I had to model her a gas mask, I would model some more masks as if she collected them from her ruin raids. With that in mind, and knowing that it had to resemble Lara Croft, I removed all the steampunk details, mainly her corset and leg suspenders. I kept her high boots that Lara always wears on her games, the arm pads and jacket, and also the helmet just because I liked it. After that, I modelled her a tanktop shirt, her short trousers with belt and all. Also I modelled her gas mask hanging on her backpack, inspired by the psycho masks from the videogame Borderlands:

Now let’s look for unexplored ruins with imposible jump sections and bizarre beasts.

I had the miniature ready, but I felt there was something amiss. I checked with my Punkapocalyptic partners, and they gave me the key to this unease… The mask from the movie The Mask! So with a bit of greenstuff I got to it:

“They call me Cuban Pete! I’m the king of the rumba beat”

And with that we’ve got us a nice Crara Loft for the Clockworkers, and belive it or not, I was not sponsored in any way for this conversion (although I accept donations, just in case there’s someone in there with a giving spirit), I just wanted to do something funny with this miniature. I hope you all liked it and see you next week with more of my Clockworkers.

‘Till next time!

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