Doctor Emérito Marron’s Clockworkers: Gear and Dynamo

Hi everyone!

We’re getting close to the end of the road with my Junker band for Punkapocalyptic. Today I bring you two quick conversions in this same post, as both recived just minor customizations, and I didn’t saw fit to make a post for each of them. First let’s have a look at the original miniatures:

Gear with pump-gun. Image from Bad Roll Games’ online store.

Gear with rifle and sight. Image from Bad Roll Games’ online store.

I only made some minor modifications of these two miniatures. The Gear with the pump-gun had to be converted in a Dynamo with pump-gun and gadgets of the trade (or better said, to make her a repairs woman), so I just had to change her slightly. First I added some big and sturdy working boots, as I really disliked her loose trousers. After that, I switched her hat with one without the ear pieces. Finally, I modelled her some belt pouches where she would carry her tools (and for some extrange reason didn’t show on the pictures I had, it seems I modelled the pouches just after taking it):

Neither my finest work, nor the most inspired miniature.

As for the sniper, I really liked the model as it was, so I just added a gas mask hanging behind her back (as almost everyone in my band carries one) and a traveling bag, because all my Junkers have either a backpack or a set of bags where they store everything they scavenge:

The quickest and easiest conversion in the world.

And without noticing, we’ve got almost the full band converted. Only three members remained, but one of them won’t have any conversion because it looks perfect as it is, so the next one I’ll be showing is the conversion for Doctor Emerito Marrón’s main helper. Can you imagine who could be? Then place your bets in the comments below and we’ll uncover the mistery next week!

‘Till next time!

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