Doctor Emérito Marrón’s Clockworkers: Martín Mc Mosca

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll be showcasing a conversion I had so much fun with while modding my Junkers band for Punkapocalyptic. As you all know, my band is being led by Doctor Emérito Marrón, but he never goes alone to his expeditions, he always relies on his most trustworthy helper, someone fast and agile, brave, and capable of getting in and out of the most scary shit holes unscathed. No other than Martín Mc Mosca! Or in english, Marty McFly (it was no longer a surprise up to this point). I took the Probe miniature for this conversion, which is a troop specialized in getting where nobody expects, move fast on the battlefield, and even defend himself (to a limited extend) with his gun. This is the base miniature for the Probe:

Probe with light blade. Image from Bad Roll Games’ online store.

As you can see, the original miniature is a clear nod to Super Mario, and a very well done one too, but it just didn’t fit with my band. My intention was to convert it into Marty McFly but keeping the Punkapocalyptic feel to it. So I just decided to give him clothes from every movie. He would wear his orange vest from his first film, the hoverboard from the second film, and his trustworhy Colt Peacemaker from the third.

To do so, first thing I did was to remove the baseball cap and turned his arm arround to look like his usual pose from the films of him looking at his wrist watch. I also removed his knife and added a wire for the base of his gun, and lastly I built the hoverboard with plasticard and wires. I also filed his overalls to divide the trousers from the shirt:

Not the best picture in the world, but enough to see where this is going.

After this, I just got a blob of greenstuff and modelled details such as the hair, the vest, the wrist watch (and also cover up some holes I did while turning the arm arround) and the gun:

“This is heavy, Doc!”

However, the base was just too simple with nothing else, so I just added one of the exhaust ports of the Delorean, and also the license plate with the word “Outatime” modelled on:

Doc, you have to stop trying to get in the pictures ahead of time…

It seems I lost the picture of the finished plate, so here’s a picture of the wording modelled.

And with that, we’ve finished Martín Mc Mosca’s conversion. At this point you all know who’s Doctor Emerito Marrón, but if you don’t, next week I’ll start with the modelling of him. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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