Doctor Emérito Marrón’s Clockworkers: Doctor Emérito Marrón

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, let me apologize for last week’s lack of updates. A series of family matters had me away from this blog and the hobby at all, but I’m back into the fray.

It is time to unveil Doctor Emérito Marrón’s identity for my junkers band for Punkapocalyptic the game. I guess it’s not a secret anymore if you’ve been following my recent posts, but just in case somebody is still in doubt, Doctor Emérito Marrón is based on…

Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future movie! In fact, I was going to make this miniature anyway even before buying the Junkers starter set for Punkapocalyptic. I wanted to get those junkers, but the steampunk look they had put me away. I was wondering what to do with them, untill those good fellas from Badroll Games just uploaded their next issue of “Scrapbridge Gazette“, which is some sort of fictional gazette that the Old Ratcutter prints for the inhabitants of the Wastelands. Then I thought, what if those people that bash down Marty once he shows up with the De Lorean rainsacked the car? From there I started thinking about the character of Doctor Emérito Marrón (spanish rough translation for Doc Emmett Brown) as a dynamo obsessed with the flow of time, who tore down the time machine to try to understand it without success, giving the flying hoverboard to Martín Mc Mosca. As he couldn’t learn the secrets from the De Lorean, he hired a band of rag tag treasure-seeking junkies to help him finde more parts for his own projects.

Once decided this miniature’s theme, I had to think how to put it up. I wanted a Dynamo from the junkers faction, armed with an electric suit with a crack’n snap, and at least one fire bomb. I also wanted him to wear at least one piece of clothing from one of the three movies, and also it had to have a post apocalyptic look as with all the minis in the game. Being so, I started by building the base armature:

“Come at me, bro!”

For the electric suit I modelled a “flux capacitor” to have it strapped over his chest. What would power up the suit and the crack’n snap would be a “Mr Fusion” like the one on top of the car in the second movie. It would also double as a fire bomb when the troop dies on the field:

Work in progress. At times like this, I really like having a huge box of bits.

And to wrap it up for today, here are some pictures of his face already modelled with one of my favourite expressions from Doc in the movie:

“1,21 gigawhatts! Great Scott!”

Next week I’ll be showing more progress with Doctor Emérito Marrón. I hope next week’s post will arrive in time, but I won’t make any promisses just in case anything happens.

‘Till next time!

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