Doctor Emérito Marrón’s Clockworkers: Doctor Emérito Marrón (Part 2)

Hi everyone!

Today’s the last entry I’ll bring you for this Doctor Emérito Marrón’s Clockworkers saga for Punkapocalyptic. Last week we had Doc ready to get layered on with details. I first did the bottom half of the miniature with som torn trousers and some simple boots to represent the more far-western style of the third movie:

Mr Chiken Arms has something to say.

After that, I finally modelled his lab coat from the first movie, I tied to his leg the remote controller he uses to control the Delorean, I put him his weird looking shirt from the future during the second movie, and I strapped on his chest with belts the flux capacitor. I also prepared the basis for his crack’n’snap weapon:

From Mr. Chicken Arms now goes to Mr. Plug Hands.

While going on with the modelling process, and seing as the model was getting a bit unbalanced volume wise, I just modelled a sidebag belted to his waist. I also modelled the power pack that would power up his whole suit and weapon thanks to his Mr. Fusion unit that the Delorean used during the second movie. It was then that I realized his nose was a tad smaller than expected, so I just added a bit more greenstuff:

It seems Doc’s visit to the future rejuvenation clinic did its job.

Last but not least, I modelled his arms and also had the idea to model on his left forearm four different wrist watches, being that Doc is a time crazed fellow. As you can see, the crack’n’snap weapon is the power wire he uses during the first movie to send the lightning down to the car, albeit with some minor tweaks to it. As a finishing touch, I just modelled his anti radiation mask he just wears breafly before his unfortunate meeting with the Libians:

“88 miles per hour!”

And here’s the last group picture of both him and his best pal Martín Mc Mosca:

The legends from the Valle de la Colina (spanish for Hill Valley) strike a pose for posterity.

With this we put an end to the Clockmaker’s saga, at least until I finish painting the so I can proudly show them (yeah, I didn’t hit my head with anything, I’m putting away the greenstuff and tools for a while to grab my brushes). I hope you all enjoyed this process as much as I enjoyed making them, and as usual I’m all ears to any improvement or suggestion you might throw at me.

’till next time!

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  1. kabramala says:

    Puto amo, sin mas.

  2. TheWanderer says:

    Jejejeje, gracias por el cumplido. Me alegro que te haya gustado.

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