Joe Scarface’s day off

Hi everyone!

Switching things from my latest posts, I’ll be bringing you today a swift conversion job for Corvus Belli’s Infinity of a miniature that was the prize for winning an ITS tournament during last season: Joe Scarface! This miniature represents Joe’s pilot profile once he steps down from his TAG  (which stands for Tactical Armoured Gear) a sort of humanoid combat robot piloted by this bad mouthed mercenary. Here’s the original model:

Joe’s as dangerous aboard his TAG than off of it.

My good friend Caflos was one of the ones to win this miniature during one of the tournaments being held here at the Mediterranean coast. However, he doesn’t usually include Scarface in his army rooster, so he wanted to give this model another role. He would be the HVT (meaning High Value Target) for those missions that required one. During that season, and unlike the current one, HVTs where not hostile miniatures on the battlefield, so Caflos wanted to give Scarface a more relaxed look. He asked  me to remove that ugly alien head Scarface was holding and give him something more suitable for his off days… And what could be better than a six pack of beer?

This is the only picture that survived my old smartphone’s demise.

Once finished, Caflos gave these miniatures to our Nanopulser pal and good painter Erik de Osset to have it painted (man you’ve got mad painting skills, but a shitty camera). Now that this miniature’s been finished, I have Caflos’ permission to show it to everyone. Here’s the finished job, and once I get my hands on this miniature I’ll try to get better pictures of it:

Big cans for a big man. Drinking less would be sacrilage!

And that’s how the pimpiest merc relaxes between missions, because there’s more than mowing aliens on Paradiso. I hope you all liked this fast conversion I brought you today, and stay tunned for more conversions for Infinity.

‘Till next time!

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