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Hi everyone!

I’m bringing you today yet another conversion comission for my good friend Caflos to use it with Corvus Belli’s Infinity. This conversion might be a sacrilage for some, or just the other way arround. When Corvus Belli launched their starter box called Red Veil, they included an exclusive miniature for pre-orders only, a scavenger mercenary from the Yuan Yuan group, or better said, a space pirate from the wastes of Yu Jing’s State Empire:

Exclusive Yuan Yuan. Image from Corvus Belli’s website.

When our gaming group saw that mini, we realized that it was astonishingly similar to our friend Caflos, even to the point that Caflos himself wanted to get the miniature, but he had other plans in mind. As you all know, Caflos uses a PanOceanian sectorial army called Military Orders, which is a sci-fi army working for the Church, and also they couldn’t align this sort of mercenary at that time. However, it seems that our friend had some sort of divine intervention, and without knowing that he would be able to align them in the not so distant future, he asked me to convert this miniature to further make it look like him, and also remove al traces of oriental look to it to give it a more european feel. I found this an amusing way to customize his miniature, so I got it on my workbench.

First thing I did was to gauge how long did I need to rework the sword at by compairing it with the one wielded by my own Montesa Order Knight:

And they say size doesn’t matter…

As I realized that I had to really increase not only its lenght but also its width, and also having to carve scripting on it, I started working both on the sword and the scabbard:

Spoiler: That wire will not last long in there.

Once proud with the size of those pieces, I started working on them one by one. For the scabbard, being that my friend Caflos has his whole army painted with Order of Santiago’s motives, I had to model some Santiago Crosses over the scabbard:

I told you the wire wouldn’t last long.

I had some issues trying to have the right size, width and engravings for the sword. These are some failed attempts:

Those weapons are not worthy to rest inside a Military Order armory!

Luckily, the third one pleased both Caflos and me, so I could focus on the sword engraving. On one side it would read ‘Deus Vult’, as this is Caflo’s battle cry. On the other side it would have a little inside joke from our gaming group also related to him:

The face of your portrait! (this is a Spanish word play related with numbers six and four)

While the sword dried up, I trimmed down the beard of the Yuan to make it look like Caflo’s own beard, and I also had to restore some of the armor obscured by the longer beard:

I’ve ended up being a miniature stylist… Live and learn I guess.

I almost had all pieces finished. I only had to sculpt the swords’ cross guard:

This scene is oddly familiar… A lake’s missing though.

With everything finished, I handed the miniature back to Caflos so he could request the paint job again from our pal Erik de Osset, who painted it with the same Order of Santiago color scheme as he’d done with the rest of Caflos’ army. Terrific paint job, Erik!

And with this we close Caflos Yuan’s chapter, which will see more table use with the recent changes to ITS rules this season. I hope he delivers his holy wrath! Deus Vult!

‘Till next time!

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  1. 19 June, 2018

    […] me parece horrible) y modifiqué el filo de la espada del Yuan Yuan que conversioné para Caflos en esta entrada, símplemente tuve que hacerle algunas acanalduras, y en la siguiente foto se verá como también […]

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