Fixing Aristeia!

Hi everyone!

I’ve taken advange of a good Black Friday deal, and I got the chance to get in my greedy evil hands a box of Corvus Belli’s new board game called ‘Aristeia!’ (just like that, with the exclamation sign and all), which simulates a fictional sports show broadcasted over the whole Human Sphere from Infinity’s lore. On Aristeia! (A! for short) two teams of 4 aristos fight to lead their team to victory on a fast and furious futuristic gladiator arena. But to make it more appealing to the broad audience, there’s no lethal weapons nor ammunition, and all the challengers can recover from their wounds… Or most of them at least.

Here’s the first crew of aristos posing for the cameras.

Unlike other game boxes from Corvus Belli, this box has plastic miniatures made in China instead of the famous high quality metal miniatures we’ve used to know this company by, although there is a special Collector’s Edition for those who want them, but its price was out of my range. Sadly, this change in its composition, along with a not so good glueing process, has lowered the overall quality of these miniatures. However, this game is meant to be a fast paced game where the miniatures are not the main focus, but its engaging dynamics and solid gameplay. In fact, only 3 of the 8 aristos that come inside the box needed to go under my blades and greenstuff. Without any particular order, here’s each conversion:

Major Lunah:

The overall quality of Major Lunah was acceptable, however her visor was almost a mass of featureless plastic, so I had to make it all from scratc:

I really love the snake head look her visor has.


Maximus was the one I had most issues with, as it seems the chinese guy who was in charge of assembling it just sneezed or something, as there were glue drops over the shield and enough glued finger prints to have him recognized within a database. Also, with this miniature they decided to ignore his official artwork hairstyle and go with a more ‘goody two shoes’ hairstyle. I just couldn’t stand there and watch:

Maximus’ hair problems unveiled!

Once ready, I just modelled his hair as I wanted:

I also had to model her non existant right ear, and also cave him his scar on his left cheek.


I had the same issue with Gata as I had with Lunah, her cat shaped visor was so deformed no well reputed feline couldn’t be offended by, so I had to use my green stuff on it:

And yes, after taking the pictures for this post I realized I didn’t finish her right hand. Too late for this I guess.

And thas all for today’s Aristeia! post. I hope you all got good ideas about how to improve your miniatures for this great Corvus Belli’s board game.

‘Till next time!

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