Sweet anniversary intermission

Hi everyone!

Yesterday this blog had his first birthday, so happy birthday to everyone of you followers! Who would have told me that me fiddling with miniatures would take us such a long year. A year full of conversions, modelling, and begginer tips for those starting on this as me. And what a better way to celebrate this that with a cake?

My girlfriend is a baker who’s currently unemployed, and recently she recieved a comission for a child’s baptism cake with some decorative figures, so she asked me to be in charge of the modelling, and I cannot resist the chance to model things on new materials, so I got myself to work with the fondant (sugar paste). Here’s the result:

Days after we heard that the cake was delicious and they loved the design, so mission accomplished! If someone lives in Castellón or the surrounding towns and wants to hire her, she’s available (shameless self promotion xD)

And now some statistics for this first year of the blog:

The most visited post related to Infinity was:

Traumadoc Kalima!

It seems most of you think the same as I, PanOceana’s traumadoc likes to deal with blood, either enemy’s or friend’s!

The most visited post related to Punkapocalyptic was:

Doctor Emerito Marrón’s Clockworkers: Crara Loft (Gear with blunderbuss and medium blade)

The world’s most famous explorer’s cameo has overtaken the crowd. I’m noting this for a future miniature for Lara made by me.

The most visited post related to an original miniature was:

The Band of the Hawk: Griffith (Part 3)

And I thought Guts was going to have more visits than that pompous albino, but we all like evil deep down inside.

The most visited post related to Caflos (I will make you a media star some day) was:

Santiago ‘Caflosknight’

Everyone wants to be a Knight of Santiago, but no one wears the Cross of Santiago as badassly as him XD

The most visited post related to a wargame event was:

III Nanotional in Valencia

Our prestigous Satellite Infinity Tournament held on the Túria’s capital. Next year will be bigger and better!

The most visited saga was:

Aleph in the Shell, my homage to Ghost in the Shell with Infinity miniautres. I’m glad you all liked it, and I ‘d also like to announce that I’m currently working on the two left members of the Section 9 divission, an also their Tachikomas. This is the saga so far:

Aleph in the Shell (Part 1): Motoko Kusanagi

Aleph in the Shell (Part 2): Batou

Aleph in the Shell (Part 3, 4 y 5): Togusa, Bouma and Pazu

And last of them…

The least visited post was:

Da Teeth Rippaz (Part 1): Ugloz Badblood, black orc blocker

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Back in the day I realized few people was interested on these posts, so I decided not to keep up with this saga. If you’re still interested on these orcs I can writte more about them, but meanwhile they will remain in the shadow.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and next week I will bring you the last post before Christmass, I think I’ve earned some vacation.

‘Till next time!

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