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Hi everyone!

I’ve recently started collecting miniatures from Neoterra, PanOceania’s sectorial army from Infinity the game. Amongst my miniatures there are some Neoterra Bolts, veteran assault troops. They can be armed with some weapons, being the spitfire rifle one of them, a medium range light machine gun. This weapon once had a more compact look, more akin to its purpose between a full fledged hmg and a regular rifle. With the weapons’ redesign however, it started looking more alike to the hmg, loosing its apeal:

Old spitfire up, new spitfire down. Those images are not scaled propperly, as the new one is longer than the old one.

Luckily, thanks to my pal Dungdrakki, I had a blister of old PanOceanian weapons, a spitfire being amongst them, so I had no issues on grabbing one of my Bolts and swapping her new combi rifle for an old spitfire. Once the exchange was made, I had a new combi rifle almost intact, so I started to wonder where would I use it on… Until I saw my old Auxilias. These miniatures are one of the oldest still available for PanOceania still carrying the old (and really ugly) combi rifle from PanOceania. Being the case, I picked one of the two I have, I removed his old weapon and swapped it for a new one, and also I had to model him a hand, as it was attached to the old weapon:

Out with the old, in with the new! Or… Maybe it is backwards? This is confusing…

This will be my last post of this year, as I want to take a well earned holyday rest to spend more time with my family, recharge up spirit and get back on track with full energy and more projects. I hope Santa or the Three Wise Kings bring you plenty of miniatures, and also happy new year!

See you again next year!

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2 Responses

  1. kabramala says:

    Nooooo! que no me traigan mas minis por favor!!!!! 😉

  2. TheWanderer says:

    Como diría el Agente Smith en Matrix “Es… inevitable!” xD

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