Tohaa Symbio-Firefighters

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to show you a commision done for a friend of mine who plays Infinity, the science-fiction game from Corvus Belli. In that game there is an alien faction called Tohaa, whose expertise lays in bioengineering, gene modification of species, and even give them consciousness.

Amongs their ranks there is one particular support troop called Symbio-mate. Those are some kind of ‘guardian creatures’ who sacrifice themselves to avoid their allies take damage during an order. In an older ruleset, their use was limited only to prevent fire damage (which insta-killed all Tohaa soldiers), but with recent rule updates they got buffed. Nontheless, some people still call them ‘Water Pokémon’. Here’s a picture of Symbio-mates with their fellow and more agressive partners Symbio-bombs:

Symbio-mates and Symbio-bombs being led by Kaeltar Specialists. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

However, my friend had an idea and asked me for help to set it up. He wanted his Symbio-mates dressed as firefighters about to put down a fire. I thought that was very funny, so I got into it. The specifics for this commision were that he wanted an ‘old style’ firefighter suit, with huge helmets and fire hoses or fire extinguishers. So I started modelling their helmets. Here’s a picture with those helmets in progress:

With those faces they look like having a San Patrick’s Day.

Sadly, the rest of my pictures of the progress were lost mysteriously when my mobile phone (in a true display of ‘smartness’) decided to transfer just a few pictures from my memory to my SD card. That, or maybe those pesky Symbio-mates stole my phone and started deleting compromising pictures. We will never know.

Once I finished sculpting the helmets, I started with their firefighter jackets. One thing I had very clear: Those huge bellies could not be covered, so the jackets would be unzipped. Here’s a picture of the results:

I still don’t trust those faces, although they are now propperly suited.

I alredy had two Symbio-mates completely suited up, now they neded either a fire hose or a fire extinguisher. I did some tests with the hose idea, but those didn’t look good, so I ended up with extinguishers for both. Here’s a Symbio-mate with his extinguisher ready to put down fires:

Armed and dangerous!

So that’s it, two Symbio-mates ready to put fires down or whatever they need. My friend was delighted. Once he finishes painting them I’ll ask for a picture to show you.

Next week we will keep on with Bloodbowl and my Teeth Rippaz. Don’t miss it!

‘Til next week!

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