Toughening the brute

Greetings everyone!

Here’s a simple conversion for Punkcapocalyptic, Badroll Games’ skirmish wargame. This is one of my friend Caflos’ miniatures for his Ganger band, but he was not really pleased with how the original miniature looked:

Brute with two handed mace and metallic armor. Image from Badroll Games’ online store.There’s no place in his gang for a dude with a crazy face and a huge sledge hammer, as he’s depicting them as the Wasteland vigilantes, so he needed something that instilled fear and respect to his fellows, without losing that rad look the gangers have. Also, he wanted whole heartedly to give his mini a shield made from a car door, an idea I found really good, so I got to it.

First thing I did was to cut its head with my dremel tool to swap it with another one I had available from another miniature I’ve also converted for him (and that you will see on next week’s update), I also cut the shaft of the sledge hammer to make it one handed, and with the other hand free I started modelling the door/shield:

Now that I realize, this reminds me of the door from the first car I remember from my dad. Amazed by how the subconscious can be of influence…

Once finished, I just carved a plasticard stick to look like a wood plank bolted in as a ‘makeshift reinforcement’, and a clear plastic sheet with a pair of drilled holes to look like bullet holes from a past skirmish, also I just carved some battle damages to it. The final result is this one:

‘I suggest you pay for our protection. This door’s from the last fella who didn’t want to pay’

A quick, simple, and flashy conversion to change the appearance of this miniature. I hope you all liked it, and next week I’ll show you all the second part of my friend’s request. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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