Crazy Caflos & Jake

Greetings everyone!

Keeping up with last week’s post, here’s another customization request from Caflos for his Ganger band for Punkapocalyptic, Badroll Games’ skirmish wargame. As you all know, Punkapocalyptic takes place on a post-apocalyptic world that takes a lot from Mad Max movies, so as a tribute for Mel Gibson’s movies, the people at Badroll Games made this Crazy Mel miniature:

Crazy Mel. Image from Badroll Games’ online store.

In fact, the alternative helmet can be recognized as the one I used for the Brute on last week’s post. However, once my friend Caflos got that miniature, he thought about something else with this miniature. He wanted me to customize it (sacrilage!) to look more like him, and the dog had to look also like his own dog, Jake. I’ve got work to do!

This conversion was fairly easy. I just had to shave Mel’s hair and model long hair and a beard. For the dog, I just had to cut a bit of the legs’ lenght, elongate a bit its body, and increase the size of its ears. This is the final result:

For the first time ever, I had to model its royal jewels to a dog miniature… Nothing can surprise me anymore.

Another request for my good friend Caflos, and I must say that both he and me are pleased with the results. Once he gets it painted, I’ll update this post with new pictures.

‘Till next time!

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