Aleph in the Shell (Part 6): Saito

Greetings everyone!

I’m finally back with a new post for my conversions for the manga/anime Ghost in the Shell’s Section 9 to use them in my Aleph army for Infinity, the wargame from Corvus Belli! The most read saga from last year was this one, you are all eager to see me finish this Section 9, and today I’ll show you its next member: Saito!

For those of you who don’t know this manga/anime, Saito is the squad’s sniper. A man of few words who keeps his cool on every combat scenario. Saito is an elite sharp shooter, only beeing rivaled by Major Motoko Kusanagi herself, who managed to defeat him in a shootout, and Saito paid the price of his left eye. However, seeing his potential, Major Kusanagi decided that Saito would be a valuable asset for the Section 9, so he joined her squad. Back at the HQ, they replaced his damaged eye with the Hawkeye, an advanced sattelite aided targetting system which upgraded his already deadly aim.

Saito has gone through various look overhauls during each anime season, however his overall look has remained the same through the years. This is Saito as it was depicted in the recently closed online game ‘Ghost in the Shell: First Assault’:

Resultado de imagen de gits saito

Saito in  Ghost in the Shell: First Assault. Image found through the Internet.

For this miniature I spent countless hours looking at different sniper miniatures that could look alike, but none was as good looking as the old Nomad Sniper Moderator, a currently discontinued miniature that was hard to find, but thanks to a stroke of luck I managed to find at the Freak Wars in Rivas Vaciamadrid:

Moderado with sniper rifle. Image from Quimera’s online store (hard to find anywhere else)

It was a shame that the original miniature had his cyber eye on the wrong side of the face, it would have saved me time. Fortunate for me, it wasn’t too hard to switch places and have the Hawkeye on his left eye and a regular eye on his right. I also shaved both his hair and beard to model a really short almost shaved hair, and I also added some details on his clothes to model thicker armor. I also removed the pistol he had on his hip to have it over his chest like the image I just posted above (even though It is hard to see it due to his pose, but I had to have it that way):

It’s hard to see on this pictures, but the Hawkeye’s clasps have been modelled as well.

Only Ishikawa and Daisuke Aramaki remains, Tachikoma tanks aside, to have the full squad ready. By the way, if someone knows by chance where can I get Tachikoma tanks at the right scale for this game (and afordable as wel) I’m all ears.

‘Till next time!

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