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Greetings everyone!

As you all know, I’m fan of good sci fi stories. I’ve recently watched a tv show called The Expanse, currently available on Netflix, and I got hooked to its plot and its characters. However, one of those characters stood from the rest, the Belter called Josephus ‘Joe’ Miller. The Belters from this show are people who were born in a space station on the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and are treated by Earth and Mars colonies as second rate citicens. Joe Miller is a grizzled detective who works for the Star Hellix corporation on Ceres station, and who gets involved in a case that would change him forever. Miller’s partners don’t like his outdated fashion, porkpie hat included, and see it as an ‘earthling pun’ to his comrades. This is a picture of Miller from the start of the show:

Resultado de imagen de joe miller the expanse

Joe Miller on Ceres station. Image from The Expanse wiki.

After watching this show, I just had to have Miller’s mini one way or another. It was then when I realized in a miniature my friend Caflos gave me for my birthday, a PanOceanian HVT (High Value Target) for Corvus Belli’s Infinity:

PanOceanian HVT. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store

With no time to waste I got to work. I removed the whole hand and briefcase from its left arm and had the arm slightly moved forward so I could have him holding the transparent smartphone they use in that show. I modelled the hand that would hold the smartphone. As that phone would be transparent, I would be adding it once I had that  hand finished and painted:

Hey, look at that! The PanO base I did a while back!

One thing I was certain is that Miller had to wear his porkpie hat, so first I removed his hair so it would’t get in the way of modelling that hat. After that, I just mixed a reasonable amount of green stuff for the hat, and also modelled the strip at the base:

“Bad timing. My specialty” Said Miller with sarcasm as he drawed his gun, he’d have to gun his way out.

And to finish it, I had to add his smartphone, but first I had to paint his hand to make it look good. I was already in the mood to paint, so I said to myself ‘why don’t I just paint it all?’, so I took the plunge and had it all painted with a simple paint job that took me 5 hours… A record for a slow painter as myself! Also, now that I had a fully painted mini to showcase, I arranged a ‘pseudo-photo studio’ to try and shoot some pics with my new camera. I’ll add the pictures in gallery mode so the website loads faster, remember you can click on each picture for a larger version:

I hope you all enjoyed this conversion! If you want to see more painted miniatures by myself I can try to make the effort with my (always slow) painting technique so you can see more finished pieces. Leave a comment here or in my Facebook page.

‘Till next time!

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