Zombiversary (Part 1)

Greetings everyone!

In today’s post I’ll be showing a surprise request for my friend Caflos from her girlfriend Débora as a present for their anniversary. Both of them are fans of post apocalyptic settings, so she requested a diorama where both of them where fighting against mutants, zombies or whatever I liked to do, alongside their pets (her kitty cat Aretha and his dog Jake). She had to wield an axe, and he should be wielding a sword on one hand and either a pistol or a rifle on the other. I’ve never been requested a diorama before, but I just love challenges, so I set my mind on it. My original idea was something like this:

My MS Paint skills are over 9000!

However, I was not fully sold on the idea of a lonely road, so I switched my idea to an urban scene:

All this skill cannot be contained!

I had to work fast on this, as I had to have this finished (and painted) for the first week of February, so I swiftly built the base of the city using plywood planks bolted together and glued with wood glue. Once everything was dry and on its place, I drew a quick sketch of where everything should go:

Just this structure has a lenght of 30x30x25cm

Then I grabbed my Dremel and carved every brick in the wall, and also emptied where the windows and doors would go. This took quite some time at first because I wasn’t using the propper Dremel head for the job, but after some hours working at it, I found out which were the ones more suitable for the task, so I could speed it up. I also realized something thanks to this project… I definitely need a beter work space.

Once everything was carved, I also added a cork sheet as the basis for the street’s asphalt:

And if you get bored, you can always read the news in the newspaper. This post has everything!

And that’s it for today’s post. Tune in next week for the next part of this diorama. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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