Zombieversary (Part 2)

Greetings everyone!

Let’s keep going on with last week’s diorama. Last time you saw it I had finished the base layout, so the next thing to do was the asphalt for the road and the concrete of the sidewalk. I also added the roller shutter made of a corrugated sheet of cardboard. I also dented it on the lower half to make it look like it got a few hits:

And even more news to read!

To get the worn asphalt effect on the road I did the following steps:

  1. Wet the the cork with water.
  2. Put a layer of plaster paste over the cork (available on any hardware store).
  3. Level it with strokes on the same direction, having a layer of 2mm thick more or less.
  4. Let the plaster dry.
  5. Cover the whole plaster with a mix of water and wood glue so the plaster does not break that easily.

Once it dries, vapor will try to evaporate thorugh the plaster, causing it to crack over the road. Here’s a detail picture for you to check:

Now that I know this trick, my urban bases will improve.

Once finished, I built all the doors/windows using plasticard sheets of various thicknesses, and I also modelled the walkway’s curb with green stuff:

Dice Wars is the name of the wargame store my friend is trying to start, so we already know where will he stand when the zombies arrive xD.

The whole urban area was ready, now I needed to add all the elements where the couple and their pets would defend themselves against the zombies. I was fist going to add a lot of different things, but once I tried them on I realized the focus of the core scene was lost with that many things on, so I restricted myself to use a toy car and truck:

It looks like a zombie was already ready to photobomb this scene.

And that’s it for today’s post. Next week I’ll finally show you how did I model each and every miniature for this diorama. I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I did, and don’t miss next week’s post.

‘Till next time!

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