Zombieversary (Part 3)

Greetings everyone!

We’ll be keeping up one more week with the post-apocalyptic anniversary gift for my friend Caflos. Last week we had everything ready to start modeling all the figures that would appear in the diorama.

As time was running out, I decided to take some ‘shortcuts’ for the zombies. I used old skeletons from Warhammer Fantasy that I had getting dust at home for many years as the base for the zombies. On these bases I modeled the pieces that I needed, or directly I used other pieces of old miniatures that I customized to fit in:

Chill out zombies

With the zombies in process, I began to model the central pieces of the diorama, which would be Caflos and his girlfriend Débora. Both models were modeled from scratch using as base the wire skeletons that I have already shown in some other entry. Debora’s miniature had to wield an axe, and knowing her I knew that she had to have a more badass attitude, so I modeled her with her tongue out. For Caflos he had to have a more noble pose, sword held high, while in the other hand he would brandish a pistol. In addition, being a former american football player as he was, I also modeled him wearing an armor similar to those they wear. Also I had to model both her cat and his dog.

I’m not going to put all the photos of the process, since this would take me several more articles, so I’ll put one of the intermediate process, and then the end:

The time right before modelling hair for my minies is always a strange feeling. Almost… Uncanning…


Her cat was still not finished for this picture, only the head remained to be modelled.


“Deus Vult zombies!”

And to wrap it up, a picture of the whole thing:

More zombies wouldn’t have hurt, but I was short on time so those would be enough.

And that’s all with this diorama. Now it as my friend Erik’s turn to use his wondrous painting skills on this piece. Come again next week to see the full finished thing. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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