Christmas interlude

Hi everyone!

I had planned a post about the Tooth Rippaz for Bloodbowl today as promised last week. However it’s Christmas, a time to stay together with family, to give and receive presents, and if the present is handcrafted it’s always more enjoyable than regular purchased ones.

My girlfriend has been a long lasting fan of ‘How to train your dragon’ movie saga from DreamWorks SKG Pictures, more specifically its main dragon called Toothless, so this year I decided to make a pendant of this cute dragon:

Tootless. Image from

Also to try new things, I’ve done it using Fimo modelling clay to see the results. This clay is quite similar to my regular green stuff I usually work with, but it is not consisting of two componentes, and it hardens after being in the oven for a while. Here’s the figure before goint to the oven:

Modelling time: 1 hour.

Once finished, I added a ring where we will be putting the string once finished, and after that I put it the oven at 120ºC for about 20 minutes. One thing you have to take into account (and that I found out that same day) is that once you get the figure out from the oven, it’s still malleable, but once it cools down it hardens down. This allows you to work on it on the clock to model finer details, as it looses part of its ductility and stickiness.

I had the figure ready to be painted, but just the details as the main body of the dragon is black, and the clay had already that color (saving paint is always a good thing). Here’s the final piece once painted and barnished:

Painting time: 2 hours. I need to improve my painting speed.

Since she opened her gift, my girlfriend is always wearing that pendant, so I guess I nailed down this year’s gift. Furthermore, my sister has already requested me a pendant for her aswell, so be sure that more will follow.

I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed working with a new material. Next week we will keep up with our regular schedule, or we will angry our Teeth Rippaz and they’ll tear this blog appart. Don’t miss it!

‘Till next time!

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