Alternative Ryukens

Greetings everyone!

Today I’ll be showing you a conversion I did a while ago for Infinity, Corvus Belli’s sci-fi wargame. This request was commisioned by my local warcor (warcors are people in charge of promoting the game with championships and contests) to convert some of his minis for his Japanese Sectorial Army (JSA for shorts), and he had some misterious requests for me to comply to. The base miniatures for this commision was the Raiden Seibutai, a heavy weapons support Japanese trooper:

Raiden Seibutai

Raidens. Image from the Internet, as the Raiden is currently discontinued.

These two miniatures had to have their weapons swapped for sub-machine guns, and also I had to add them a kusazuri (armored skirt) with an hexagon motive ‘looking like an ODD’ (Optic Disruptor Device) as there are in other armies. He couldn’t give me more information at that time, being that those troopers were still a secret under development, but once the Uprising book has been reveiled, I know now he ment the new Ryukens.

The first thing I did was to draw some sketches over the oficial Raiden concept art with my ideas for the kusazuri, and the winner was this one:

MS Paint and me, best of friends.

I also had an additional problem to deal with. When my warcor asked me to ad an SMG to his minis, there were currently no SMGs of asian design in the whole Infinity game, so I had to make it up from scratch. Being the case, I just got a few already existing designs for Yu Jing weapons, where JSA belongs (or at least it was at that time), and just like Dr. Frankenstein did, I just mixed and matched some pieces until I got what you can see on the right side of this picture:

It’s alive! And it speaks Japanese!

All the planning was done, time to get started on our own, and yet to be known, Ryuken. First thing was to build the SMG, so I used a plasticard sheet for the outline, and then I added some brownstuff, as it lets me have better details with sharper shapes:

Also dubbed ‘The lil combi-rifle’ from my friends.

Once I was ok with the results, I only had to model the kusazuri and assemble both Ryukens:

Don’t mind the bases, those were the first ones I had in hand. My warcor already had his own bases to use with them.

My warcor enjoyed a lot this conversion… Although the official Ryuken miniature has already been released, so I sincerely doubt they will ever be painted or fielded, but I’m reliefed to know that my pseudo-Ryuken troopers were at least fielded during testing matches.

‘Till next time!

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