Posthumans MK2 from Aleph

Greetings everyone!

Today’s conversion is quite simple, and I was eager to do it for some time but time was not on my side. As you all know from previous entries, my Aleph army for Corvus Belli’s Infinity is composed mainly by female models. In this case, the miniature I wanted to convert was already female, but it could be fielded with two different loadouts. The Posthuman Proxy MK2 can be either a sharpshooter or an assault hacker armed with a boarding shotgun, but sadly the only option available for now is the sniper one:

Posthumanos from Aleph. Image from Corvus Belli’s online store.

Although this mini was not bad at all, there was something in her pose that doesn’t do it for me, maybe because how she held her rifle, so I swapped her rifle for a boarding shotgun I had laying arround from another model:

What she cannot earn by hacking, she will get it shooting in your face. Talk about efficiency.

So I had the assault hacker, but now I was lacking a sniper, so I had to browse along Corvus Belli’s catalog to find a replacement. Then I saw this miniature:


Authorized bounty hunter. Image from Human Sphere website.

The problem was this miniature was a reward for ITS winners back in 2014, and was no longer available for purchase, so I had to work hard to get me one. Once I got it, I was set on removing the brick wall, as it wouldn’t mesh with my high tech army. Instead I decided to do an energy wall made from acrylic glass carved with my dremel, and with quite bad results (I need to get me a better dremel tip for this job). I also removed her Nomad rifle and changed it with an Aleph one (which in turn made me model her whole right hand), and I also carved and/or sculpted hexagonal patterns on various places of the model to make her looke more like the rest of the army. To finish it, I modelled her knee pads and waist belt:

The only thing you’ll see from her is the air wave arround her while she shots you dead from her thermo-optical cammouflage.

And here’s the MK2 couple posing together:

Hacker and sniper. A shame I cannot field both at the same time.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this conversion. Next week I’ll be talking about the upcomming Nanocional, and I’m trying to bring all my list painted for this event, but I’m not sure I’ll make it on time. I’ll show you how much I’ve painted next week.

‘Till next time!

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