Nanocional 2018

Greetings everyone!

As I told you a few weeks ago, I attended to the Nanocional 2018 that took place in Goblin Trader Store in Valencia. Unfortunately, this year I did not paint all my minis in time for the event, so I had to carry most of them with just the base colors (and not all the colors also, sadly)

Yep, that remote at the back is from Acontecimento. I just dispise Aleph’s Probot…

Only the first line of this photo is fully painted (but not all bases), the rest of them would remain like that whether I wanted it or not. As you know, I’m not the fastest painter ever known, and I also had to finish some miniature conversions and requests, so I had less time than planned for this. At least now I have the base colors all painted, so going on from here should be easy enough.

What I really did finish is my “two-faction” dice cup, which was a simple dice cup purchased from a general store, lined with eva foam both outside and inside, and with both Aleph and PanOceania’s logos painted by freehand:

I can already feel its power in my rolls!

But instead, I decided to roll my dice usin just my hands. Seing how I fared at the rankings for this event (three loses, one victory, one draw) maybe I should’ve listened to my gut feeling and used it. This year I focused more on playing and chatting with my fellow players (there even was an Australian player! Cheers if you’re reading this!) than taking pictures, so I had to borrow them from my fellow Valencian comrades in arms for this post. Here they are with no particular order:

Next week I’ll be showing some conversions I did a while ago for my friend Caflos for Infinity, which are painted and ready to be shown. I hope you enjoy them!

´Till next time!

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